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The Elements Of Similarities Between Twelfth Night And She’s The Man

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The word appropriation means moving a text from one context to another, but keeping particular elements like the setting and character similar. An example of appropriation from both the film and the play is the quote ‘some are born great, some achieve greatness’ this quote is said in both the film and the play and it’s just one of the many similarities between ‘Twelfth Night’ and ‘She’s the Man’. A writer might choose to appropriate a text because it can make a text more interesting to a modern audience and can help the present day audience understand what they’re saying. The film ‘She’s the Man’ by Andy Fickman released in 2006 is an appropriation of the shakespearean play ‘Twelfth Night’ composed in 1601 by William shakespeare. Two elements from the original shakespearean play that have been modernised include character and setting. This can be seen through the character of Viola in ‘She’s the Man’ as well as the character of Viola in Twelfth Night’. The concept of appropriation shows people that we can turn a boring and old play and remake a more modernised version of it so that it’s more engaging to younger audiences.

The first element of character helps us have empathy for the character. Empathy helps us to obtain a better understanding of the plot by being able to see the plot through the character’s point of view which helps us focus on the character’s emotions. In the film ‘She’s the Man’ this is shown through the character of Viola. Empathy helps us to understand Violas frustration for not being able to play soccer in a girls team, another example of this frustration is when she was in love with Duke while she was dressing up as a man. Appropriation is important for this text as Shakespeare’s version of the play is complex and difficult for a modern audience to understand.

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Viola is a confusing character because of all her different emotions, her brother is supposedly dead, she has to dress like a man and she’s falling in love. We are able to see some similarities between the Viola from ‘shes the man’ and the Viola from ‘Twelfth Night’ like when they both fall in love with a boy they can’t have, this is the same situation, but we can see how it’s been appropriated in ‘She’s the Man’ which creates a better understanding for modern audiences. Therefore this element has been made modern by changing the way we empathize with the character by turning the scenarios from ‘Twelfth Night’ into something that is easier to understand.

The setting from ‘Twelfth Night’ and ‘She’s the Man’ has been changed a lot to suit a more modern audience. The play ‘Twelfth Night’ is set in Illyria, which was a place that was ruled by dukes and duchesses and was written in 1601. The film ‘She’s the Man’ was filmed in Vancouver, canada in 2006 and was based in a high school. The setting from ‘Twelfth Night’ would be difficult to for a present day audience to understand and it would be boring because we wouldn’t have anything to relate to so by taking the old Shakespearean setting and turning it into something that is easier to understand and relate to like the high school setting it gives us a new understanding of what was happening in the play. Therefore this element has been made more modern by changing the setting to make it an easier topic for younger audiences to understand.

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