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The Era Of Muhammad Ali

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The Egyptian government during the era of Muhammad Ali was an absolute government in which the rule of individual rule prevailed, but the difference between it and what it was in the Mamluk era is that Muhammad Ali Pasha established a system for its administration, so this system replaced chaos and confusion, as it was considered one of the advocates of absolute rule (this is a point) Weakness in his history), but his advantage was that he had an idea of ​​order and reform, as he was inclined to consult with his advisors on matters before their conclusion.

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The establishment of a strong government for the sake of the actions that Muhammad Ali did, because it eliminated the chaos that was raging in the country, and with this government he was able to complete the reforms that he had contemplated, and he had great merit in spreading the security brigade in the country, and this security that Muhammad expanded Ali Pasha was one of the most important pillars of urbanization in the Nile Valley, and it is right to say that the provisions of security and order are among the features of this era, because the Mamluk era was famous for the loss of control and connectivity, so farmers, merchants and owners did not secure their money and property, but rather the manslowers and bandits were kidnapped, and it is known that if Security has not been established in a country, so there is no hope for progress or civilization, for Muhammad Ali has placed the first pillar of Egypt’s urbanism by controlling security and striking at the hands of the wretched, bandits and Nile pirates, and this is for the sake of his actions during his reign. Muhammad Ali and claimed it to admire the extension of the security corridor so that a person can pass the regions far from the Nile with reassuring security after he was targeting to kidnap the tribes if he crossed the threshold of the desert, but in the middle of the agricultural areas, and the government subdued the power of the tribes and prevented their invasions, and a person can walk In the midst of their plots, they are safe for themselves, and they are engaged in raising cattle and sheep and trading them in the markets. ‘

The advantage of Muhammad Ali’s government is that it strengthened the foundations of security in the country, and thus it was able to carry out the reforms that you mentioned, but besides that, there is no excuse for saying that Muhammad Ali never intended to establish a constitutional or quasi-constitutional system in the understandable sense, and this is a weakness and a place Severe criticism in its history, and what bodies it established into executive councils in which the supreme word was for him or for his deception, and the counseling council did not last for long, and it seems that his psychological inclinations did not go towards the constitutional system, and if it was concerned in this aspect, he could prepare the nation to assume the responsibilities of governing in His reign, but he did not, and left the issue with chaos between his successors and the people, so a clash occurred between them in the late era of Ismail and the early days of Tawfiq until it led to the Urabi Revolution and then to the British occupation.

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