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The Evolution Of From Hand Labor To Machine Technology

Words: 1864
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As natural rights-life, liberty, and property that was created by john Locke. This idea made the humans always have rights and made them fight for it. Another idea is separation of powers or separating the powers among the government so nobody could take total rule that was created by Montesquieu. We can see that in modern day government Montesquieu ideas influenced For many hundreds of years’ people lived the same they were primitive but from 16th till 19th century humanity discovered a lot of things and became more advanced. Our life changed so much So I am going to discuss the contributing factors that led to this modern technology.

Scientific revolution

The scientific revolution was a huge change in the view of the scientific world in the 16th and 17th century. Before the scientific revolution the scientists whom has said something against the church they would be dead or life sentenced people were learning as the church wanted them to learn. One reason of the scientific revolution was humanism. Scientists in the renaissance focused on the nature and the studied it. And also the scientists discovering new ideas that are against the church for example The catholic church stated that the sun is the center of the universe and always has been since the creation it was called the geocentric theory. Nicholas Copernicus stated that the universe was heliocentric, the sun is the center of the universe. The Danish astronomer supported his theory. Johannes Kepler used Brahe’s data to see if he his right after calculating he also supported the heliocentric theory. In Italy Galileo built a telescope and observed that Jupiter moon rotated around it as Copernicus said the earth rotated around the sun. Galileo’s observations caused other astronomers and churches very angry because his observations were against ancient believing. A new information has been discovered and made the scientists think if they were right if Copernicus is right. Scientists then used a system that uses reason to explain their logical hypothesis, this idea was called the scientific method. Two of the most well-known people in using the scientific method were Francis Bacon and Rene Descartes. Bacon stressed experimentation and observation. Descartes used reasoning. Also a lot of changes happened to science. English chemist Robert Boyle that matter is composed of particles that behave in certain ways. In math Isaac newton used math to show there is a power or force that keeps the earth rotates around the sun. he called this force gravity. He developed or made a new branch of math called calculus. English doctor William Harvey pronounced that the heart is the main pump for the blood based on dissections he made. The scientific revolution made the people think differently and some people used only logic in their lives so that everything has its explanation. It affected the teaching of the new gene ration that discovered a lot after the scientific revolution.

Ideas of the enlightenment

The enlightenment was after the scientific revolution and it wanted to know the natural laws that governed the universe and the human society. In the enlightenment they wanted to solve a lot of the world’s problem by questioning and relaying on human reason or rationalism. There were a lot of issues that were addressed by the enlightenment thinkers like political representations, the ideas of natural rights of man, the ideas how to find a ruler and limits should be put on the ruler, what religion is. Denis Diderot edited an encyclopedia saying he wants that we put all of human knowledge in an encyclopedia and everybody can understand it. Diderot’s idea is if u make all this information you can access this info for free then you can question a lot of things that are written. The most influential person who worked on the enlightenment is Isaac newton said that the earth operates in mathematical operations perfectly for example by a mathematical equation he knew gravity. There are major ideas about the enlightenment such all of modern governments. Freedom of thought and religious freedom was another major idea by Voltaire. Freedom of thought was a one of the reasons that U.S rights bill created and French declaration of rights of a man and citizen. Religious freedom is now seen in many countries. Abolishment of torture said by Cesare Beccaria. The torture then was outlawed or reduced in many countries. Women’s equality was one of the most important ideas [image: ]because it talked about women not getting their freedom their freedom. The thinker of this was Mary Wollstonecraft. All of this resulted in a lot of things. First political there were some governments that tried a little bit of enlightened ideas for example the ruler had all power this is called enlightened absolutism. In united states the impact of enlightenment was seen in 2 documents declaration of independence and U.S bill of rights. It affected todays united states greatly in most of their laws.

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The industrial revolution

[image: ]The industrial revolution was a change in factories from labor powered to powered by coal and steam. Industrial revolution was a change in countries transforming their economy from only agricultural into a lot of different industries in 1760 in England. The industrial revolution was one of the biggest revolution in human history in my thought. The industrial revolution began in England in the 17th century people lived in primary lives that stayed the same for a long time. They lived relaying on agriculture for many years. There were few things that made Britain the center of the industrial revolution. Britain had a lot of raw materials so it was easy for them to manufacture for example cotton is a raw material so they manufacture it and make dresses or clothes. They had rivers which wasn’t only for transportation but for powering these factories. The agricultural revolution made people have a large quantities of food that caused increase in the population. A lot of people moved to the cities because they were not needed in the country sides because a lot of people were farming and they setup the factories in the towns. Britain had a lot of cash all the classes had enough money. The government setup a system of banking and credit that allowed them to invest into large projects. There were people who were ready to invest a lot of money in factories. If any raw material was needed Britain at that time had large colonial empire so they get from their colonies. Britain’s government supported most of the business. All of the other countries saw what Britain did so they tried their best for making the same. The industrial revolution changed the whole world on thinking about power and transportation. The results of the industrial revolution were on factory system and mass production. For example, in the cloth industry one dress could take 1 day after the industrial revolution the machine could take 1 hour to finish a [image: ]dress. Another effect was laissez-faire by Adam smith economics which say that government has a little or no influence in business. Another result was new growing class or there was a new class that was created. The people in that class were very rich because they had large investments in industries. Urbanization is a result of the industrial revolution. cities became very populous. This made people crowded in buildings they lived in bad conditions. Improved transformation is a result because they wanted transport all the products that were made another location. A problem that industrial revolution has made is working of the underage. Children were working in a lot of factories. They worked 12 and more hours to get paid.

Romanticism and realism romanticism painting

Romanticism was an artistic, musical, and literary move that happened in the 18th century. In the romanticism artists showed their feelings in their art, they loved the nature and they showed a lot of imagination in their work. The artists at that time believed in the uniqueness of each person. The artists in the romanticism loved the medieval style of architect so they started building new buildings in a style called new gothic. Eugene Delacroix was one of the most famous artists in the romantic era. In his work he reflected his feelings. In music romanticism was there. Beethoven was a composer hi work was not classified from the romantic era until his 3rd symphony where he reflected his thoughts and he showed the elements of romanticism in his music. In literature they did new work. for example, the novel of Frankenstein and edger Allen Poe stories brought a lot of interest to the people because it was new to them to [image: ]have a horror story so that’s what let the gothic literature rise. In poetry they viewed it as the perfect way to express their feelings and they did that. They also expressed their love about nature through poetry. Romanticism changed the science for sure. in biology scientist louis Pasteur proposed the germ theory. In chemistry the Russian scientist Dmitry Mendeleyev classified all the material elements that they knew at that time according to their weight. In physics Michael Faraday made the first primitive generator which contributed to the knowledge of the usage of the electric the 19th century many people chosen secularization or rejection of religious beliefs because of the scientific revolution and the knowledge they had they choose this.

In 1859 Charles Darwin published a book called “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection” in this book Charles talked about the humans were apes in the first then they evolved after time and he says this not only about humans evolving but about all animals in the world and he called this theory organic revolution. Realism was also an intellectual movement that rejected romanticism. The writers of realism wanted to write about ordinary people unlike romanticism. They also preferred not to use emotional language. In art realism became major after 1850. They also wanted to show everyday life objects and ordinary people. The French became very good in this style of painting. One of the most famous realest painters is Gustave Courbet he loved the scenes from everyday lives.

How did all of this affect modern society?

How did all of this affect modern society? All of these events led to our societies now the scientific revolution led the learning available for everybody because before that learning was limited for a few people only. The scientific revolution changed the mind sets. Without the scientific revolution we wouldn’t know how to find cures for diseases. The ideas of the enlightenment affected the people by letting them abolish slavery and gave the woman the rights they deserved. The industrial revolution made the transportation that easy and created mass production. Everything that was in this revolution affected our lives today. Romanticism made a new style of painting. In the literature there were new kinds of literature that was written like romantic or horror. Our life’s would not be like this if we all these events did not happen. In the last 2 decades’ human became very advanced all of that because people started learning. I hope we always work more and more to find new things.



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