The Evolution Of Political Humor

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Once upon a time, political humor was not very popular amongst societies. Usually, those who dared to make satire comments received all the attention and resources the FBI could offer. At most, be sued for defamation and at least, interrogated. However, nowadays the clock has ticked for the comedians’ benefit. With their highly significant platform, they became the trusted news anchors. Politicians on the other hand, with their distrusted platform, have become the jokes behind many comic shows. Comedians and politicians have experienced the “Freaky Friday” effect and managed to switch roles regards earning people’s trust and respect.

Comedians create the perfect plate when it comes to making politics a bit more enjoyable. With honesty and a dash of proficient use of charisma, comedians tackled the political world in a more interesting way. Most people now would rather watch comedians speak politics more than politicians themselves. With their witty and clever comments, they make the audience compelled to voluntarily watch their materials and scripts in their free time. Most people, especially young adults, rely on comedy sats rather than news cables and networks. A statistic, done by CBC NEWS, estimates that about 21% of people aged from 18 to 29 refer back to “ The Daily Show” and “Saturday Night Live” to learn about the presidential campaign updates comparing to the 9% of the year 2000.

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Politicians have lost their platform along the years due to their inclination to act based on their own interests and what they believe is the best option for them. Consequently, people are cynical towards the politicians’ actions, yet are still interested in knowing what type of decisions have taken place. In this case, humor comes to the rescue. Humor serves as a coat to cover the exploitation of political offices and resources. Therefore, politics-related comic skits tend to be less biased than news publicized by several news cables. Pure news with a hint of humor manages to make bad news sound not too bad. These comic skits tend to highlight the absurdities of the system, captivating the public’s interest, and making politicians lose the war on comedy.

As a legitimate alternative for news sources, political comedy has paved its way to the hearts and minds of the people. The skits manage to manifest the public’s outcry and concerns, making them seem as heros in the public’s eyes. As said by S.robert Lichter, addressing the idea of political satire, “But beyond its value as entertainment, many people take late night comedy seriously. In fact, throughout the ages, political humorists and satires have been perceived as agents of societal and political changes.”

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