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The Extent Of The Organisation Of The Human Body

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A cell is the principal unit of a living organism. Even bacteria, which are very small, singly-living creatures, have a cellular structure. Each bacterium is a single cell. All living structures of human anatomy carry cells, and almost all functions of human physiology are executed in cells or are started by cells.

A human cell mostly comprises workable membranes that surround cytoplasm, a water-based cellular fluid hand in hand with a difference of tiny working units called organelles. A tissue is a class of cells ordered jointly for a certain purpose to shape tissues. Epithelial, nervous, muscle, and connective are the main principles types of human tissues. Epithelial tissues shelter the outside of a body, also the backing of the organs. Muscle tissues permit movements. Nervous controls electrical impulses and direct signals toward the body.While connective tissues support and protect the body. The following are found in the human body. Bones, cartilage, and blood are connective tissue. An organ is made up of two or three tissues that work hand in hand to perform a certain function. Each organ performs one or more particular functions. An organ system is a group of organs that work for hand in hand to carry out vital functions or meet the physiological demands of the body. Almost all organs contribute to more than one system.

The organism level is a high-rise level of organization. An organism is a living being that has a cellular structure and that can alone carry out all physiological roles essential for life. In multicellular organisms, as well as humans, all cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems of that work hand to hand to keep the life and health of the organism.

For example, the spine is deep in the body, the brain is deep to the skull, and muscle is deep compared to the skin, the lung is deep to the rib cage backbone. I understood that structure and function are related to the organ systems of the body during my research. From my understanding Anatomy centers on the structures that form the human body and physiology is the study of the function of organs and organ systems.

The cells in complex multicellular organisms like people are organized into tissues, groups of similar cells that work together on a specific task. Organs are groups of tissues organized that carry out a particular function and groups of organs with related functions make up the different organ systems.

From left to right: single muscle cell, multiple muscle cells forming tissue, organ are muscle tissue (bladder), organ system are kidneys, ureter, bladder, and urethra.

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Cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems – structures are jointly related to function. The heart gives back its task of pushing blood throughout the body, while the lungs expand the competence in which they can take up oxygen and let go of carbon dioxide.

The human skeleton has 206 bones and the bones of the human skeleton are; the skull, shoulder, girdle, hand, chest, spine, pelvic, girdle, leg, ankle, and foot. The Joint is where two bones meet. Most are flexible permitting the bone to move.

We have Immovable (synarthrosis) examples of the bone of the skull. Slightly movable (amphiarthrosis) allows for some movement example is the spinal segments. Freely movable (diarthrosis) or synovial joints examples are hip, knee, and shoulder.

The structure in relation to its function in terms of protection. The skeleton shelters organs and brings down the chance of injury on impact. For instance, the ribs shelter the heart and lungs, cranium shelters the brain. It is the skeleton that supports our body in the right shape. It permits movement of the body. The bones shape joints and take action as a lever permitting muscles to drag on them to make a movement. Skeleton gives exterior for fitting of muscles.

Injury is damage to the body. Pulled muscles are a situation when one of your muscles straightens far away from its dimension in an unexpected way. To diagnose it, a physical examination will be asked by the doctor about the history, and also X-ray may be carried out to make sure that the bone is not broken. Knee injuries are another common injury that ranges from force to pull apart in the muscles or tissues in the knee. To diagnose a knee injury, the doctor will examine it for swelling, visible bruising, and tenderness, check also how far you can walk, pull the joint to judge division fractures. Your doctor may recommend a test like an X-ray, Computerized tomography (CT) scan can aid in diagnosing problems.

Heart disease is one of the common illnesses and happens when your heart or blood vessel is not working very well. The heart pumps blood down the body through veins and arteries. To diagnose heart diseases like Coronary heart disease, doctors will ask the medical family history, check your blood pressure and blood test to check your cholesterol, electrocardiogram (ECG), assist in reading your heart’s electrical impulses. Tiny dots and wires are placed on your chest, arms, and legs then attached to an ECG machine which accounts for the electrical impulses and copies them out on paper. A blood test can be carried out to know the level of other substances in your blood and also to know the level of injury. Stroke, another type of disease that happens when blood flow to the brain ceases, minutes without food and oxygen from your blood, damage begins to occur in the cerebrum. Treatment rests on the type of stroke, the doctor may use head CT( computed tomography) or MRI to assist diagnose the condition, and to improve observation, CTA (CT angiography) may be carried out.

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