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The Fabulousness Of Structured Procrastination: Arguments For

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As always, there is an Absolutely Crucial task that you must complete. That task always fills you with utter dread. Anything but that Crucial, Crucial Work. Here I propose a step that resists the flood of normality: Do not start on that task. Let procrastination take hold. Whilst you skip the Crucial Work, Re-examine your Register of Work. No matter what there’s always something to do, whether it’s crucial or not, and you always need to get those tasks done. Now that you have been swept along by your urges, instead of going ahead with Video Games or Netflix, consider your options.

The Professors Essay

The fabulousness of Structured Procrastination, is that you can understand the uttermost provocation in twisting the Pro- Tomorrow Mood, and flow with it instead of against it. You can steal that feeling of “I’ll pass and just do anything but this” That usually sends you to fix up your sock draw all nice and neat, or go watch youtube for hours on end. Sometimes it’s used for productivity. Acting as Stanford philosophy professor John Perry, who wrote a truly brilliant essay about structured procrastination. “With this sort of appropriate task structure, the procrastinator becomes a useful citizen” & “an effective human being” Hold on, what about the Crucial Work? Will it ever be completed? It is still Crucial! Trick Your Mind For many people, working on the Crucial Task at the very beginning can be much better. Although always remember you are still engaging in the procrastinator’s game, You must be at home with the act of computing something at a hierarchical top, sapping the catalyst to begin the work. So, the psyche deception is to view other tasks as just or more important as that in order to create the idea that the crucial task isn’t really that bad.

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A Most Important Ranking

You must rank projects that have quite a significance, yet have a much more flexible deadline at the apex instead. Like re-organising your work area, or learning a new technique for something. You will also find that there are newer Crucial Tasks that have appeared on your list, which makes the original job look much more enticing.


By prioritizing something at the top it will drain the impetus to begin it. As John Perry notes, structured procrastination requires a large amount of trickery to your mind. Essentially you’re deceiving yourself into working while double thinking the necessity of multiple different tasks. This is no problem, though, as it turns out, procrastinators usually are amazing self-deceivers. Their innate skill of mind-bending is what gets them into a lot of trouble in the beginning, as they persuade themselves to jumble up their short term goals, and long term goals. The upside to this is that the usual encumbering guilt that erodes your motivation, is altered and caused to speed up your motivation. As many more things begin to be completed, you’ll begin to understand that the procrastinator in the discussion has transformed ‘into a highly effective human being.’

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