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The Factors And Aspects Of KFC Marketing Strategies

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KFC also called Kentucky fried chicken, famous for fried chicken, headquarter located in Louisville, California. It is world’s largest restaurant after McDonald and located in 136 countries of the world. The chain subsidises of YUM BRANDS, a company which owns the Taco bell and Pizza hut. KFC was founded by Colonel Harland Sanders, starting from roadside restaurant of fried chicken and opened a first franchise in Utah in 1952. Colonel used “original recipe” with 11 herbs and spices which he doesn’t want to reveal in front of other people and ask them that he is using salt and pepper instead. This original recipe is a flour used to bread the chicken before frying.


Their target marketers are customers. i.e. vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Kentucky fried chicken is approaching all people whether they eat chicken or not. For non-vegetarian people, KFC is the best option to have their meal but in opposition to that they are offering veggie burgers to the vegetarian people which is cheaper among all the restaurants of the cities. By introducing new snack deals to the customers, they are targeting every people whether they are kids or young. The deals give them a chance to enhance the versatility of their restaurant and their food deals. Kentucky fried chicken provides spicy and non-spicy meals which push a lot of spices lovers in to the restaurant. The consumer behaviour is also an ideal part as a company’s target. The politeness and the standards of approaching the customers are different among all the restaurants. They are very effective in providing good services to the customers.


Kentucky fried chicken competes with various franchises in which the main is Pizza hut. The marketing plan makes a way easier to promote brand name and product quality in opposition with the competitors. Both the restaurants are competing each other by providing various cheaper deals with the meals to the consumers. The marketing plan of Kentucky fried chicken are based on Promotion, Plan, Price and Product.

IMC-Coordination of all forms of marketing communications into a unified program that maximizes impact on intended target audience


  • Advertising
  • Newspapers

Some advantages of ads on newspapers are:

  1. The newspapers allow the advertisement to reach a huge people in Special area. (Wakolbinger et al, 2009)
  2. The ad size and design of ad and also the placement of ad have a big flexibility in publishing in a newspaper (burns et al, 2006)
  3. The advertisement could be as long as desired by the organization.
  4. The exposure to ad is not restricted: readers can go back to your message again and again if so desired (Kumar, 2011)
  5. The speed of advertisement publishing is very high. If you decide for an ad today. It could be in customers’ hands in one or two days after that (Gallacher et al, 2001)


Some of the advantages of radio advertisements are:

  1. Radio is a universal medium and people listen to the radio at home or work or during travel. It can access a large number of people (Leong, 1998)
  2. The enormous range of radio formats offers to effectively target to your desired segment of the population (Hackley. 2005)
  3. Help to create your brand name by different campaigns Gallacher et al 2001)
  4. The creative help is mostly freely available in the radio station
  5. The price of ads could be negotiated, as there are very few people involved in this process (Wu et al 2003)


Kentucky Fried Chicken promotes their brand name and quality of food they are serving with the help of online surveys from the customers and offering cheaper deals to the customers. They are focusing on telling each buyer to do the survey and get in return free small popcorn chicken worth $7 or one strawberry swirl cheesecake worth $2. This strategy results in to look forward their service and improve it with the help of customer’s reviews. Moreover, they offer MIAM (make it a meal) deals which is perfect for serving bigger families. With the help of online advertisements of their deals, they gather a plethora of customers to serve daily as their deals are more convenient than other restaurants.


  1. The television advertisement reaches to a large numbers of people on international national or regional level in a very short period of time (Cartere. 2009)
  2. The new cable and Independent stations offer new chances to local audiences (0arterre 2009
  3. Television as an image-building and visual medium offers the ability to deliver your message with sight sound and motion (Kumar 2011)


Internet is broader than any other medium of advertisement. The advantages of online advertisements are

  1. The usage of internet is growing day-by-day (Vurro, 2009)
  2. The appreciation of online advertisement is 5.2 % higher as compared to other mediums of advertisement (Vurro, 2009)
  3. The advertisement on internet is mostly for the young segment of population. (Chi et al. 2012)

Marketing Objectives

KFC is the leading food chain in the world, which is going to spread its business in various other countries. This food chain industry wants to provide such facilities to its clients with the provision of fresh and healthy food, which can meet their requirements and also take less time to serve them.

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Segmentation, targeting, positioning in the Marketing strategy of KFC

KFC (Kentucky Fried chicken) uses demographic segmentation to serve the market as per the customer needs & wants. The consumers of KFC are the young as well as young adults.

It used to serve the same menu all around the world which means that it was using undifferentiated targeting strategy. However, in recent times, following McDonald’s example, KFC has started localizing its menu, giving it better acceptability in the market. Moreover it has transformed its positioning strategy from product based to value based in recent times.

KFC is strongly positioned in the minds of consumers for its Chicken menu. There are very few outlets which serve anything in vegetarian. But when it comes to non-vegetarian, KFC is just superb. Its chicken wings, and chicken bucket is a favorite with everyone. This excellent targeting technique is the reason that most non vegetarian lovers flock at KFC.

I think strategy of KFC will succeed in achieving objectives because they are following Shotgun strategy to target all age customer helps to focus on one segment where target audience of the business is too diverse.

As per our research we think that the advertising strategies which the KFC is using right now are not enough so, we will advertise on magazine too to attract more customers. we will also make a KFC application for the phone users which will attract the customers more towards KFC and in that app there will be promotional codes and discounts to the loyal customers of KFC and all customers will get chance to earn points through that application.


Under armour is a genuinely youthful organization. In 1995, the unique group’s commander for the University of Maryland’s football crew, Kevin Plank, saw that the cotton T-shirts that the group wore underneath their cushions and other rigging were splashed with sweat before the finish of a game or practice. After he graduated, he was resolved to build up a T-shirt that would remain light during outrageous warmth.

Online Advertising

After he built up a model, he gave the examples to a couple of his companions who had proceeded to play in the NFL. After he got some criticism, he returned to take a shot at his T-shirt and delivered a shirt that was made of microfiber that would retain dampness while keeping the competitors cool, light, and dry. He at that point continued to max out his Visas and start-up his business in his grandma’s business in Washington, DC. Following a time of creation, he made his first group deal to Georgia Tech. Word immediately spread about the new brand, and various NFL groups bought from Plank. Before long, the organization moved their central station to South Baltimore where they kept on building up their well-known lines of apparatus. Today, Under Armour makes the most inventive sportswear clothing and footwear. (Brown, 2013)

Television Brand Integration/Product Placement in Movies

Under armour does a lot of internet showcasing. On Under Armour’s Facebook page, you will discover notices about new items that have been discharged and even deals for those items. They additionally post forthcoming occasions that the organization is putting on, incorporating deals on the web and in stores. Under Armour’s site likewise does a lot of showcasing. At the point when you go to their site, you are in a split second eye to eye with strong hues and text styles. This pulls in the peruse and makes you need to explore all through the site. For instance, there is right now a free dispatching advancement going on. The standard advertisement for this is a neon-green shading with dark text style. Because of the striking hues, it was the main thing that grabbed my attention. In conclusion, Under armour does a lot of promoting on sports clothing destinations, for example, Dick’s Sporting Goods. At the point when you go to the ‘top brands’ area under ‘attire’, under armour is the second recorded. When you get to Under Armour’s page, you quickly observe pictures of individuals playing different games. This shows the brand covers everybody’s needs. (Brown, 2013)

Under armours does the greater part of their incorporation and item positions in sports-related TV shows and films. In the wake of doing some burrowing, I found that Under Armour does a lot of coordination with the prevalent TV show Friday Night Lights. In a scene disclosed in 2009, there was an Under Armour agent selling gear. He was depicted like a decent, accommodating man. By the agent being pleasant, individuals would get the feeling that all Under Armour salesmen are on the whole like that. This would get individuals into their stores and purchase their items.

Sports Teams

Under armour does a lot of showcasing with sports groups. They even have a site where mentors can jump on and structure their group’s uniform! By permitting secondary school groups, proficient groups, and even club sports groups to utilize their items, it gives the brand a constructive notoriety and shows individuals that the brand can be trusted. Under armour have exceptionally particular advertisements on TV. More often than not they are intense, yet persuasive and interesting. They generally highlight some popular competitor and at times don’t make reference to the name of the competitor. By doing this, individuals are spurred to get out and remain dynamic. The following is a video for one of Under Armour’s running/preparing shoes. They support sports groups, place their items in TV shows, and make items for everybody. So next time you are hoping to purchase increasingly athletic attire, consider Under armour.


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