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The Features Of Badminton Tactical Strategy

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In this folio, I will devise a tactical strategy to modify my performance based on the selected task, learner and the environmental constraints and the principals of decision-making. My tactical strategy which is variation of pace from the rear court will focus on the outcome, limitation and the implications of the constraints of my movement. My tactical awareness allows me to understand the interaction of the constraints such as organize myself in response to the learner, task and environmental constraints which will help me in decision making and performing the specialized movement sequences skilfully. I gather my data using the devices such as video, photo of my movement sequence and movement strategy for the variation of my pace from rear court and used the games performance assessment instrument (GPAI). Also, I will evaluate my personal performance when setting up an attack and defending against an attack in the position of an attacker.

Variation of pace tactical strategy

My strategy will focus on the variation of pace and the interaction of a range of tasks, learner and the environmental constraints which can enable my personal and the team performance. I choose this strategy because this commonly used in a professional game and also I am very good at taking out a pace when the rally is being played at a high and slow pace. “Drop shots can win the rally, but this is rare at high levels of play. Mostly, the drop shot provokes a short lift which I can follow with a winning smash.” The task constraint was when we played in a half court in doubles. Due to the size, I have to limit the shots and play according to the width of court. My goal is to mix up the pace sufficiently to break down this pattern, therefore, keeping my opponent guessing and not being able to settle into their rhythm.

Environmental constraints are those factors which exist in the physical environment which has influence my strategy while performance and decision-making. There are many factors which including height, size of the court and the physical characteristic of teammates and opposition players. The constraints in my tactical strategy, the way I formed an attacking formation from the rear court position, my aim is to hit the ‘kill ’ shot in relation to my teammates and the movement in opposition court to make them [opposition] reactive. This constraint affected me because my teammate does not react more quickly which leads the team to lose the point. Learner constraints also are known or described as the personal character of the performer which includes the height, speed, and ability of the player in any environment and the decision making. This constraint limited my performance while playing because I am tall which will has helped me to hit the smash and other shots very easily as compared to my opponents. All the different constraints has had an effect in my game while making decision when performing a particular movement shot such as hitting smashes and drop shots in the attacking formation. Environmental constraint is a factor which has influence my performance and in decision-making while playing outdoor such as in the bad weather or there is too much wind. The constraint has helped me while serving to my opponents rear court because the size of a court is small and I can hit the shuttle at their back court.

Evaluating and justifying the personal strategy - variation of pace

My strategy is to vary the pace while hitting a shuttle in the opposition front court. When performing my strategy, the outcomes have been effective and extremely well. Most often, my opponent's players weren’t able to hit the shuttle to our court because they can’t connect their racket with shuttle due to the pace. This helped me and my team to win the matches and also to prevent my opponents to hit a smash. If I am continuing hitting smashes, the opponents become fixed in their defensive positions and will be the right time to play a drop shot, so that It can disrupts the opponents defensive rhythm. Mostly, I used this strategy to disrupt them [opponents] and I achieved this in the form of change of pace of my shots [Fast to slow] and in decision-making.

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There are many limitations that occurred during games while performing my strategy, there is a constraint which I had to overcome in order to successfully perform my strategy. While performing my strategy my partner requires to stand in front of me which will help me to execute it because he will apply pressure from the net area to continue forcing lifts from the opponents and if the opponents hit a poor quality lift, I can position myself under the shuttle and intercept the lift with a smash but for this my team-mate need to make his decision more quickly. Another constraint is whenever I execute my strategy as an attacker my opponent player come forward due to this sometimes it is not possible to hit a smash because they can intercept it very easily for this I need to organise myself to hit it to the different position of court.

The implication of my tactical strategy can also relate to the precision-action coupling or detecting affordance. ‘my strategy is the easiest and the most effective way of achieving the point is to either inject the pace or reduce the pace of rally which has effect of causing a mishit by my opponent which will result in a point or to set up any shot to win point and the strategy also helps to sped up my offense which can help me to be a good hitter’. My strategy is also helpful to limit the opposition ability to strike in my court while blocking their smashes by hitting their shots at my opposition rear court. Most of the times, I performed my strategy and execute it properly from the rear court because to hit shuttle in the opponents court I will have to modify my strategy and decision making an have to come under the shuttle as fast as I can and hit as a smash or drop shot to opponents court. It also helps me while setting up an attack.

Evaluation of my personal performance- setting up an attack

To evaluate my performance, I select my body and movement concepts of quality of movement and the relationship to judge my performance in setting up an attack. For the quality of movement, as you can see in this video evidence, I attacked the ball with speed so I have enough time to target my opponent with an accurate pass to the chest. This is even done with an even flow of movement. As you see that the video demonstrates my ability to perform the serve such as forehand, backhand and high serve and I am able to perform my movement sequences such as dropshots, smash and transition to defence and all these serves and smashes goes consistently to opposition court and I also perform many other specialised movements sequences relevant to my position of attacker form the rear court with much accuracy, speed and flow of movement. When the shuttle returned to us over the net, then I am able to execute my strategy and with change of speed in order to hit the rally back.

While applying body and movement concepts of relationship to my performance as an attacker in badminton, as you can see in video I am able to determine quickly the location of a defender as I transition to a position to receive a pass. I effectively use my spatial awareness to determine the location of defender in relation to my position on the field. This relationship is important to my successful performance, as I am required to move quickly to make a good decision about strategy and need to know how I can find space. I also have to make decision in relation to my teammates in terms of the type of pass I a m required to perform. This video and GPAI shows me performing a number of different shots in the various position on the court. To improve my perforce in a game as an attacker. I have to look for the player who is weak on any side of a net.


GPAI was used during the badminton game to collect and analyse the data on my performance and effectiveness of my performance in various specialised movements as an attacker. I performed my movement sequences as an attacker from the rear-court. As you can see in games performance assessment instrument (GPAI) I performed two body movement concepts and movement strategy for 10 minutes and I made very good decision to hit a smash or blocked a smash and my scoring rate average is 4 and 5. My hitting ability and the execution is very much effective.

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