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The Features Of Sincerity As The Personal Trait

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Sincerity is most often understood as being truth in the form of actions or words. A person who means what they say is a sincere person. A person who doesn’t mean what they say is not a sincere person, and perhaps even seen as a hypocrite. The term ‘sincerity’, because of its purity, has embedded itself into us. Our world loves sincere people. Our world also loves to be known as sincere people.

Sincerity is an essential element to life. A sincere person is always welcomed because of their truthful mind, friendly attitude and real personality. Although many understand how sincerity acts look like in everyday life, there are still a great number of insincere people. A sincere person will enjoy a large circle of friends and inherit the acts of Mary Ward and her circle. A sincere person also has a honest and open mind. They are truthful to everyone. In fact, no one wishes upon a liar. Most people would like to trust someone, representing sincerity. Other dignified features which include having a friendly attitude towards everyone and regarding them with love are a depiction of a sincere person. They never treat anyone like dirt. Therefore, they usually receive this exact respect from others.

On the other hand, an insincere person is difficult to deal with. They never behave the same towards people. While communicating with wealthy and elegant people, they often will take the position of being modest. However, they may change their point of view when handling less fortunate people. They could appear more arrogant than empathetic. We are now less likely to trust an insincere person.

By ‘sincere’ we understand that we act according to our principles. If we act around what we believe are our morals, then we are accepted as being sincere. In our society today, this is acknowledged as sincerity, however this may be wrong. Let’s say a director feels that according to his sincere morals, his workers have to be treated as second-class citizens. They may be sincere on the inside, but the world on the outside wouldn’t accept this. It is not enough to only act upon and according to your conscience, we must show appreciation towards our world and be cultured or respectful. Being cultured is a social concept we learn, and being respectful is a moral concept. Both in which are good behaviours within themselves.

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A sincere person will not suffer defeats easily in life. Having an unaffected and real personality is on of the main attributes of being sincere. These true features are represented in the relationships between a sincere person and others. Nevertheless, the principal point of being sincere is that unpleasant thoughts don’t harm one that is sincere. They are unique and real. They have their own type of thoughts that aren’t persuaded by any harm and they only follow truth. A person with insincerity is often easily affected by harmful thinking and they usually lack determination. Therefore, they are bound to adapt on a bad influence towards others.

True sincerity is like freedom, it has no immediate fear of being hurt. A desire to do something that is said to be correct or ‘the right thing’ is sincere. We know that the level of desperation increases the intensity of our desires. To be sincere is to mean what you say. If you have to bend the truth in this world, you know you are doing that and not being true to yourself or anyone around you. Self-lying is to believe what you say, that is insincere. To tell a lie and know you are lying and the reason you are doing it is an objective view of yourself. You can be sincere in lying to someone or to protect yourself. If you know someone is trying to get information out of you to take advantage of you but you deny this form of behaviour, you know you are sincere in protecting yourself. Here we all have the chance to develop sincerity in our character while still surviving in our ever changing world.

Everyone is open to making their sincerity greater and greater everyday. We can start by being guided by our own conscience and becoming thorough within ourselves. We can base our sincerity around truthful information and socially acceptable intelligence, rather then foolishness. We can also extend the domain of our sincerity to other similar areas of life and existence. We can raise the quality of sincerity by extending our hearts to greater significances. Sincerity made perfect at the level of our own morals will cover all life activities and act in important events of our life. This will be a type of sincerity that effectively incorporates power and value.

Sincerity develops with more awareness of our own feelings. By being present, it cultivates sincerity within ourselves, rather than in a waking sleep or living unconsciously automatically. By being aware of our own breathing and interacting, it helps us gain a sincere feeling of ourselves and that develops sincerity within. We can then choose which path we want to take; “to be such as we appear and appear such as we are”.

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