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The Features Of The Human Soul Concept

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The world of computers and programming continues to inspire many people do even think critically into trying to create new possibilities for the world. This would be in an aim to improve how people do their things as well as perform some tasks. It is what was going on in Alif’s mind when he was trying to create a program that would keep Intistar from finding him online. However, some questions capture Alif’s attention and couldn’t find the answers. The paper, therefore, tries to critically analyze Alif’s motivations and expound more its relations to the human soul.

The Soul in the Fingertips

Alif’s considerate approach to the possibility of the soul being in on the fingertips is a peculiar scenario. No one can outrightly claim the exact location of the soul in a human body. The puzzle was based on what he was typing that kept on making him deeply wonder who he was. The thought of having a challenge that he possessed linguistic genes kept him unable to type anything for days trying to digest the real intent of his works. The possibility that the soul

resided on his fingertips was based on what he continuously typed while trying to code. The art of coding is unique in some way. One would be sent to a world of imagination, and the input would surprisingly puzzle anyone what it would result to.

Understanding how the soul works would take a whole lot of time trying to figure out how to go about it. It is precisely what Alif was going through when he created a program that he could not understand how it works despite his depth of logarithmic knowledge. The soul is contained in whatever one produces. Alif can note that one person can’t become someone else even when one tries to hide in a physical embodiment. Alif can appreciate the uniqueness of whatever he was doing critically. It was an indication that the soul had some role play when developing the program.

There are unbound possibilities in the usage of the soul in the solving of problems that one goes through. Alif, for instance, can resolve an issue in which he informs Abdullah about its impossibility. The secret lies within the hidden treasures that the soul can guide one into solving them quickly. Alif’s view changes when he is told that his actions were genius. It meant that he submitted to be guided by the soul into typing a code. It guided him into solving a problem that the computer had not been able to answer.

Part of The Body That the Soul Resides In

The question where the soul is housed continues to puzzle many with the early studies and historians suggesting that the sol was housed in the body and was physical. Contrary to modern-day science, the soul is said to be incorporeal. Some studies, however, reveal that the soul cannot exist without the other parts of the body. It is, therefore, imperative to consider that the soul is made up of the self and not the body. The antagonistic approaches of the ancient philosophers on the nature and location of the soul continue to elicit more debate about the exact proposition of the fact.

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The soul resides in the stomach, the liver, or the heart. This is according to the early philosophers like Aristotle and Galen. Later studies conform to the soul as being housed in the heart and the head. The advance in knowledge, later on, proposed that the heart housed the soul and that the brain was charged with the control of humour. Many Christians in the past and the current world believe that the soul is immaterial since it can be separated from the body upon death. The soul is likened to a clock that when the battery is removed, then it stops from working. Different works of literature try to paint the soul as a material but have not been substantiated in any way with facts.

Modern soul studies propose that the soul was housed in the brain and the nervous system. It led to the declaration of avoidance of using dangerous weapons in the First World War as they were viewed as to endanger the soul of a person. The nervous system was not only going to be affected by deadly weapons, but it would as well change the soul, which is the basis of one’s life. The organ transplants have not successfully tried to give answers as to whether the heart is related to the soul’s operation or not. There has been an inclination of depression on those who receive organ transplants on the thought that they are themselves no more. The principal reason is due to those around them who always remind them of their predicaments.

How Much Resides in Each Part

Various pieces of literature try to propose the exactness of the soul in the body parts. Although no one can readily point out the details with certainty, it contributes to more research to be done in the line. The fact that the soul is an incorporeal aspect of the human body, it becomes harder even to consider the propositions as real. Alif’s case, for instance, would have been easier to acknowledge that the soul is found in a certain amount in the fingertips. It would be wise to expound on the available literature to ascertain some of the underlying facts.

The fact that the soul is readily assumed to be existent in the brain and the nervous system, it is therefore not easy to find out the exact amounts that reside in each part of the body. The nervous, for instance, controls most of the activities that we do as humans and coordinates to the brain functions. The question, however, is that, how do they share the soul functions and what exactly does the soul perform in these two parts of the neural system. The consideration that the soul is in mind or the brain is presumably reasonable as guides every personal decision. The ability to reason, remember as well as wonder about some things in life. It enables us to have feelings of happiness, anger, compassion, among others, which in return causes the body to respond adequately to the general sentiments. They all contribute to the building up of the personality of someone. Basing on the things they often do in the body, it is safe to assume that the soul majorly resides in mind. It regulates the behavior of the other parts of the body using the reflex action or the nervous system.

Body Part Functions to Support the Soul Residing

With the general view that the soul probably is housed in the mind or the brain, there are many propositions that the mind is the driver of all body activities aided by the nervous system. Various studies connect the account and the nervous system to be fundamental parts of the human body. It interests more researchers in dwelling on the deliberations concerning the exact purpose of the mind, whether it should be biologically inclined or religiously inclined. In most cases, it’s hard to validate a point on the same antagonistic views about the mind.

The mind is majorly charged with the task of controlling the whole body systems. It dictates how one feels and reacts to various stimuli. Christians in the contemporary world believe that it is their soul that leads them to everything they do. It is well elicited in the decisions one makes in life basing on the soul and the desires. The soul is concerned with the considerations and the thought of every human. The decision to live good experiences or bad is dependent on the nature of the soul, which is technically the mind. It is, therefore, the mind that performs all the tasks of the body and is shown in the actions of one’s life and behavior. There are no studies though that tries to validate the fact that the soul resides in mind. As a result of the functions that the brain performs. The extension in knowledge and research leaves the proposition as still a nightmare that no one can readily rely on.

In conclusion, the soul is a critical component that makes up a human being. It is responsible for the behaviors that one portrays to the public. It is, however, not easy to tell where precisely the soul resides. However, many philosophers and studies try to indicate its existence within the body parts like the livers, stomach, and the brain. Further, studies by modern science researchers reveal that the soul resides in the mind in which others call the brain and that it is responsible for all the activities of the nervous system. It is not clear if the residence of the soul in mind is related to the events that the brain performs. There are assumptions that the soul dictates the decisions performed by an individual and relays on the actions on how one feels about something.

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