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The First Impression In The First Date

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It is very important that you dress correctly and you match your date’s elegance. It is important for her to see that you gave sufficient thought to the way you’ll look for the date. A good outfit for a perfect first date (for perfect dates try the video chat) must be washed, ironed, neat-looking and properly matched with the socks and tie. Check yourself in the mirror from head to toe and spot any flaw if you don’t want your date to spot them. If you just bought a new suit and plan to wear it on the date, be sure to have all the tags removed.

Hey – don’t forget about body odors. Women will run for the door in an instant. Before putting on your nice new clothes, wash your body and remove all dirt and sweat. If you don’t have time, at least change your underwear. If this is not an option either and you’re going straight from work, pick up some tissues or baby wipes and clean the bad-smelling areas of your body in the restaurant’s toilet. Also, don’t exaggerate with the cologne, you’re having dinner for God’s sake. Check all your extremities like ears, nails or shoes for dirt or impurities, you must look perfect for your first date.

The last aspect to consider is the face, but this has to go way before your first date. You should always follow a men’s anti-aging face care treatment if you want to have a successful date. The perfect face should be clean, fresh and look inviting for others. Your partner must feel the temptation of getting near your face and touch it. Also, if a goodnight kiss is part of your plans, then moreover should you consider the appearance of your face skin.

If water and soap are the only things you use for cleaning your face, you’re in big trouble. Not only they don’t help you clean the face and protect the natural moisture, but it leaves the dead cells on your face, spread the grease all over it and leave your pores filled with environmental debris you collect every day.

If you follow a steady routine with the proper men’s anti-aging face care products, then you are able to fight the signs of premature aging and to maintain the collagen and balance of your skin. The first step is cleansing with a product that doesn’t contain additives and chemicals that usually damage the tissues and destroy the surface layer of skin, leaving it dry and itchy. The products you can find in drugstores are often inefficient and will do more harm than good, so be careful what you spend your money on and, especially, what you put on your face.

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The second step is about hydrating and moisturizing your skin while protecting it against natural elements and premature aging. You need to get rid of those wrinkles and fine lines you get from sitting in the sun, wind and other natural elements that affect the appearance and overall balance of your skin. You can stop that and solve these problems with proper men’s anti-aging face care products that are both efficient and gentle with your sensitive skin.

The final step is all about protection and for that, you need to use a quality men’s anti-aging face care protector that seals in the natural moisture of the skin and fights against dirt and residues. Your face will look clean and fresh all day long and removed from all dirt and debris. Exactly like the cleanser and moisturizer, you need a quality protector, one that contains only natural ingredients and essential oils beneficial for your skin. A quality protector removes grease and the damaging free radicals and maintains the level of collagen and elasticity.

You can see the first date exactly like a job interview, because the same criteria goes for both situations. You need to look confident about yourself if you want to convince your partner you are really a catch; you need to be optimistic and in a good mood, if you want to see her happy and enjoying your company. That’s why you need to rest or preserve your energy before the actual date so take a nap or drink some coffee before showing up.

A gentleman would offer to pick the lady up. If you get a refusal, that’s that, but at least see saw your manners, so don’t take it personally. Don’t you dare to be late! You can also bring her some flowers or some exquisite candy, these two options never fail to impress a romantic lady. If you’re a smoker and she’s not, it’s best to abstain yourself from doing it on your way to the restaurant.

A compliment is always a good way to start a conversation with a new person. Tell her how beautiful is her dress or how exquisite is her hairdo, but no comments whatsoever about certain parts of her body, if you don’t want to get slapped in the face on the first date. She knows already you’re going to check her out at a certain moment, but she expects at least discretion on your behalf. Keep things decent and neutral on your part.

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