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The Gateway Arch As a Monument to the Westward Expansion: Analytical Essay

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The Gateway Arch

How much money do you think it takes to build a monument? The Gateway Arch cost $13 million to build overall, but only 25% was paid for by St. Louise's funds. Clearly, it was very expensive, but it has many purposes for St. Louis and its culture. In St. Louis historical past, the Gateway Arch played a significant role due to the obstacles in building it, its symbolism as a monument to the westward expansion and it has a vast portion of Missouri's landmarks.

The Gateway Arch had many obstacles they had to accomplish for the monument to be finalized, so many that it ended up taking about 30 years for it to be finished. One Obstacle was it took an abundant amount of time for the congressional and presidential approval of the plan. Additionally, the citizens of St. Louis had to vote how much money they wanted to put up for the monument. Also, during the World War II the whole designment was put on hold and used as a parking lot, even after the war it was not one of St. Louis problems.

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Although the Gateway Arch had many obstacles it was constructed to be a symbol for the fact that St. Louis was a part of the westward expansion. During the westward expansion, the Mississippi River was used to carry individuals and supplies from one place to the other. People also settled in St. Louis during the exposition, it was a place for people to live and have immediate supplies from the river. St. Louis wanted to present that they were involved in the expansion, therefore they wanted to design a symbol. Not only was the monument designed to represent their part in the westward expensive but the landmark has much more meaning to the structure and St. Louis.

The Gateway Arch holds a vast portions of Missouri’s landmarks because of why it's here. The arch is 360ft tall and wide, which makes it the tallest memorial in the United States and the tallest stainless steel monument in the world. It’s also one of the most popular monuments in America and people know about it and where it's here. It has an amazing background of why it’s standing and means a lot to America.

The St. Louis Arch, also known as the Gateway Arch, has many meanings that are very important to the city of St, Louis, and surrounding towns. It has overcome many obstacles that have tried to take over. It was designed to be a symbol for all the amazing things St. Louis has done. Overall it is one of the most famous and most known monuments in America to this day.

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