The Great Gatsby By F Scott Fitzgerald: Contrasts Between Particular Social Groups

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The Great Gatsby, composed by F. Scott Fitzgerald, investigates a few topics that are viewed as applicable till the present date. The Great Gatsby portrays the narrative of Jay Gatsby, a poor ranch kid who figures out how to pick up riches, just to be slaughtered after an endeavor to prevail upon his old love Daisy Buchanan. All through the novel, the hidden topics incorporate love, power and the American dream, etc. Of the considerable number of topics, social stratification is noticeable. The Great Gatsby comprises a few unmistakable social classes, each class encounters its very own issues, depicting an incredible message of what a tricky spot the world truly is. Thus, Fitzgerald signals the elitism made aware amid each stratum of society.

Taking into account that the principle characters originate from three particular classes present during the 1920s (working class, old money and new money) proposes that class is one of the primarily focused themes. In The Great Gatsby, Daisy’s portrayal connotes the loose high society individuals who were born into the rich – old money – and how they are generally hungry for flawlessness in their lives. “She wanted her life shaped now, immediately – and the decision must be made by some force – of love, of money, of unquestionable practicality – that was close at hand.” This quote discloses to us how Daisy is a money-driven and love propelled character. The upper-class individuals are condemned vigorously in the book. Nick accentuated on their remissness and corrupt attitudes. This point is shown as Nick says “They’re a rotten crowd… You’re worth the whole damn bunch together.” By utilizing ‘spoiled’ he is additionally alluding toward the West and East Egg, symbolizing that where the privileged individuals live resembles disgust as people would regard the west egg with the appearance of a rotten egg, identifying with the demeanors of this general public. Alongside Daisy, Tom and Nick are additionally from the old money side. It is clarified in the novel how they have practically zero collaboration with their encompassing condition consequently they are least influenced by the occasions happening around them. Their reaction to the death of Myrtle shows how it does not concern them.

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Besides, essentially as Gatsby is known as a ‘new money individual, the writer talks about how he was never truly acknowledged into the social exclusive class. Gatsby was known for his huge and lavish parties with mass measures of alcohol with a group of individuals he’d never at any point known about. Nick makes reference to this by saying “Sometimes they came and went without having met Gatsby at all, came for the party with a simplicity of heart that was its own ticket of admission”. The arbitrary guilty pleasure of Gatsby’s parties further features his confinement from his actual companions. Anybody was invited as long as they accompanied a ‘simplicity of heart’ which means thoughtfulness. Thus, scarcely anybody appeared at his funeral since individuals were just pulled into his wealth and the gatherings, however not simply the man himself. This is outlined in a call Nick portrays, to a man who used to go to Gatsby’s parties: “one gentleman to whom I telephoned implied that he had got what he deserved. However, that was my fault, for he was one of those who used to sneer most bitterly at Gatsby on the courage of Gatsby’s liquor and I should have known better than to call him”.

It is portrayed all through the book that the principal character himself, Nick Carraway, was constantly interested by the extravagances and lavish lifestyle experienced by the rich. Being the narrator of the book he never really missed upon referencing how the ‘deplorable’ lived. Fitzgerald utilized one character mostly to make an association between the West Egg and the East Egg – Myrtle. Myrtle’s conceited standpoint of her significant other and her activities depict to the peruser the predominance of a materialistic culture during the 1920s. Regardless of going through 11 years wedded to George, Myrtle appears to be apathetic towards him and is unsupportive of his money related circumstance. Such feelings were bred from dreams of fabulousness that Tom has given her. This development demonstrates Myrtle’s desire for power and demonstrates her status to drop all that she considers inferior regardless of whether it implies undermining her significant other. Myrtle and George’s relationship is a prime case of how money crumbles and taints something excellent, including a bond of marriage.

Taking everything into account, Fitzgerald has utilized anecdotal characters in his book to feature the contrasts between particular social groups present during the jazz age. While the country’s wealth was rising, it was a period of emotional social and political change. The basic thought process between all the distinctive classes, be that as it may, was to succeed. Old money individuals got that through being naturally introduced to rich families, while the new money needed to advance toward the top.

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