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The Greatest Invention Of The Television

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Television is an important invention, especially in the recent century. It is a tool that can educate viewers across the world. Nowadays, Television is considered the main source of information for people. It enables us to receive the latest news from all over the world. Television is comprised of a lot of fascinating and interesting programs, it can be regarded as a convenient source of entertainment. Moreover, educational channels of TV can be informative for everyone, especially children. As an example, children can increase their skills by watching scientific programs. It is also a reason the majority of parents allow the TV to be in their children’s bedroom. TV can help young people develop values and form ideas about the world around them. It can also influence viewers’ attitudes and beliefs about people for other social, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds, including themselves.

It plays an important role in the political process, especially in shaping national election campaigns. It influences the way that people think about social issues such as race, gender, and class. TV programs and commercials can be major factors in contributing to increased American materialism.

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The electronic TV was first effectively exhibited in San Francisco on Sept. 7, 1927. The framework was planned by Philo Taylor Farnsworth, a 21-year-old innovator who had lived in a house without power until he was 14. While still in high school, Farnsworth had started to imagine a framework that could catch moving pictures in a structure that could be coded onto radio waves and afterward changed into an image on a screen. The first image he transmitted on it was a simple line. A few years before, a mechanical television system, which scanned images using a rotating disk with holes arranged in a spiral pattern, had been demonstrated by John Logie Baird in England and Charles Francis Jenkins in the United States earlier in the 1920s. Farnsworth’s invention, that scanned images with a beam of electrons, is the direct ancestor of modern television.

The TV can be used for many things, it can be used to spread news and information, be used as a source of entertainment, or even be used to relax and unwind. For spreading information, it can help companies advertise and sell their products or charities can raise awareness. News can be broadcast all over the world, allowing us to pass on important information or keep people update on what’s going on around them. People seek entertainment all the time and a TV is one of many ways to be entertained, it can also help you calm down and loosen up.

Today, TV helps shape the way people think, it helps companies make a profit, and helps spread the news. It started at the first, crude version, of the electric tv made by Boris Rosing in 1907-1911, then to the first mechanical tv by John Baird, in the 1920s and then the “first” working electric television by Philo Farnsworth, in 1927. It has come a long way since then and still is improving. Thanks to Philo, we can live easier and sometimes better lives.

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