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The Greatest Inventions Of Nikola Tesla

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No, Nikola Tesla did not create the commonly known automobile manufacturer, Tesla. Nikola was deemed one of the greatest inventors of all time. His many inventions help to modernize and help society. He received many awards and recognitions. Some of his inventions and discoveries such as the Induction Motor, Alternating Current, and the Tesla Turbine helped many at the time and revolutionize the world.

First, let us talk about the Induction Motor. Well, what is that? To put it in easy-to-understand terms, it was an electromagnetic force traveling across the electrical conductor which is housed in a rotating magnetic field. This helped to generate electricity in a very simple way. It is commonly used in fans, water pumps, appliances, and even some vehicles! The main point of why this was better than alternatives (at the time) was because it was smaller and more economical. As stated, it fit into and worked with many small appliances and fixtures. Next, let’s talk about the Alternating Current.

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The Alternating Current theory was that it was a current that reverses its direction many times per second. Thus, creating energy. To explain it further, this works by a wire loop spinning in a magnetic field. The current travels through through the loop and then quickly reverses; repeating this process multiple times a second. Alternating Current can be found in electrical outlets, radio signals, and audio signals. Tesla invented this to transmit energy further using higher voltages. Finally, let’s talk about the Tesla Turbine.

The Tesla Turbine was considered a steam turbine. A steam turbine system operates by high-speed jets of steam rotating on a bladed disk or drum, creating energy. This system was patented by Nikola Tesla in 1913. It was the very first bladeless turbine that Nikola Tesla had created. There is also a smooth fluid that is administered onto the rotating disks. These blades rotate a generator that in turn, creates the energy.

In conclusion, Nikola Tesla did many things to help revolution and modernize society. He received many awards and was proud of his achievements. He grew up as a very energized and curious child, always wondering about creating power. He even created a power by using bugs, but lost interest when his friend ate them. In theory, Tesla was one of the most intelligent and helpful people in history. If Tesla were to be alive today, he would be proud to see what they have become.

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