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The Greed Of Society In The Movie Wall Street

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The movie ‘Wall Street’ is an iconic American movie that was directed by Stone, O. At the beginning of the movie, the street began to take us to the forefront of a business that has recently seen its once-declining values ​​and ethics. the foundation of American business. The movie addresses a lot of ethical issues at the time, which I think makes the movie even better. This movie has two main characters, one of them being Gordon Gekko, a wealthy and unscrupulous businessman, and Bud Fox, a young and dynamic stockbroker. The main focus of the movie’s economics is how greed contributes to our society.

We open up the film with Bud Fox, which he spends it working non stop calling people to sell them stocks and to give them investment plans. He was really desperate to get to be the top broker. He said “Your goal is to sell shares” to Gekko, make them your client. Bud is a very young stockbroker who comes from a working family and Gekko is just a millionaire whom Bud admires very much, so much that he even wants to associate with. Bud’s father is an airline maintenance foreman. He works for the airline ‘Blue-star’, which has a prominent role in the film. Bud is so desperate to make Gekko his client that he comes to his office early one morning to wish him his birthday and offers him some stocks that he had been analyzing for some time. However, Gekko doesn’t seem impressed. Realizing that Gekko may not be doing business with him, he relays ‘inside information’ about the Blue-star airlines where his father works. The information is that the Airline was involved in some accident case and that the airline will be exonerated in that case of accident and, therefore, will overcome the suspension and will seek to expand services.

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A grateful Gekko takes Bud under his wing, but forces him to search for new information by any means necessary, including becoming a partner with a cleaning company to access confidential files in the offices of the cleaning company’s clients. Thus, to get rich, Bud resorts to the wrong means. Bud grows rich and enjoys the benefits Gekko promised, including a corner office with a view, a penthouse on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Gekko asks Bud to buy large amounts of shares in a paper company, Teldar, a bankrupt company that Gekko wants to acquire and reverse. Bud does this by recruiting his friends as bogus buyers of the shares and giving them a cut of the proceeds (here he also uses his friends as a means of supporting his crimes by offering them a part of their salary. Explains bribery, another ethical issue). It is at Faldar’s annual s-hareholders’ meeting that Gekko gives his infamous ‘Greed is good ” speech. There is a famous quote that Douglas goes like this: “Greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Greed is right. Greed works. Greed erases, passes through and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Greed, in all its forms – greed for life, for money, for love, for knowledge – has marked the rise of humanity. And greed, remember my words, will not only save Teldar Paper, but that other malfunctioning corporation called the United States.’ These speeches are great for people who need motivation to get to their goal. Sometimes greed is one of the ways to get to the top.

Meanwhile, Bud gains total confidence in his boss. Suggest an idea to Gekko. The plan was to buy Blue-star airlines and expand them using the savings achieved by the union concession. Bud approaches his father to get union support for this change in company management. The situation takes a dramatic turn when Bud learns that Gekko plans to sell Bluestar’s assets and in the process leave Carl and all Bluestar staff unemployed, making Bud extremely wealthy as Bluestar’s president. Angry at Gekko’s decision and laden with guilt for being the scapegoat for Bluestar’s destruction, Bud chooses his father as a mentor and decides to thwart Gekko’s plans. Create a plan to keep Bluestar airlines out of Gekko’s reach.

Gekko eventually comes to know that Bud had designed the entire scheme. So the next day, when Bud returned to work in jubilation, everyone was curiously in a bad mood. He is confronted by the police and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), who had doubted Bud when they detected that he placed an unusually large purchase order for Teldar shares, which was monitored and therefore picked up by StockWatch. Bud is arrested, handcuffed, and taken out of the office in tears. In the end, Bud meets Gekko in Central Park, where Bud is brutally attacked by Gekko. Gekko in innocence while attacking him mentions his involvement in illegal business transactions

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