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The Healer Of All Sufferings Is Not A Divine Creature But A Buddha

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In his later years, people forged to him as if they were to come to a divine creature asking what he was. They foster questions-like “are you a god, an angel or a saint?” But the Buddha answered “I am awake.” (Smith and Novak, 2004). A man who woke up from dreaming and shook off the daze from the dreamlike vagaries of ordinary awareness who’s liberated and free and escapes from countless death and rebirth. It became his title for this is what Buddha means, “an awakened” or “enlightened one” not a divine being. But what purpose does this knowledge serve?

Like a doctor and physician who tell how to heal the illnesses of the body and mind, the Buddha tells us how we can cure all of our sufferings with an infinite wisdom and compassion. He is a healer who prescribes the antidote which we can do for ourselves; The Four Noble Truth. They are (1) we have an illness called suffering; (2) He diagnosed the causes of the illness as mental attachment; (3) the good news is that there is a cure and finally; (4) the prescription is to follow the Eightfold Path in our lives and we will be free illness or suffering. He tends the ills of humankind with the antidote of the Dharma.

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Such was the experience of a helpless woman who was stricken with grief when her only child, a toddler son died. People thought she had gone mad until a wise man took pity on her and suggested her to consult the Buddha and seek for help to get her son back to life. The Buddha asked her to seek the mustard seed from the household that nobody had passed away yet and bring back all the collections to him and when she found, he would bring the child to life again. The woman returned to town and went off to the houses and later evening she came back without the dead body of the child. She realized that death or parting the love ones were part of the cycle of life. (Smith and Novak, 2004). The Buddha had dispensed the medicine that cures her attachment perceiving that fleeting or impermanence is the nature of life. The Buddha through his supernormal power, infinite wisdom and compassion, heals her illness.

Now, what purpose does this knowledge serve? We are all liable to fall into the trap of pursuing knowledge for its own sake.

Impermanence is the basic human condition and it’s in our nature. In a way that the moment one was born to the human realm, one entered to the bondage of suffering. The cause of this condition is desire, which leads to affliction, attachment and clinging. As long as we afflict and cling, we will suffer, because nothing can be held onto. Everything changes, slipping away in every moment.

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