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The Hidden Benefits Of Procrastinating

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I am a procrastinator myself, I have no doubt saying that you all are a procrastinator too. When I procrastinate, I tend to draw random stuff on all my homework, textbooks, and even my desk while I’m trying to finish my assignment. However, the most common way of me procrastinating is binging YouTube videos, then realize I’ve wasted an hour watching videos without doing or learning everything. I procrastinate on all my assignments and task on a daily basis. In fact, I even finished up my speech at the last minute. When I was in primary school, I barely ever finishes any homework assigned to me that I’m not required to hand in. But still, I managed to ace my quiz and tests in primary school. The comment I get the most from my teachers on my report card is ‘she’s a smart kid, however, she’s a bit lazy. She could have gotten a better result if she spends more time on revising’. At that time, I gradually became overconfident in myself, and truly believe that I’m a ‘not-hardworking genius’.

People always ask how to stop procrastination and what’s the main cause of procrastination. But do you know that there are actually hidden benefits to procrastination? I’ve heard a lot about the negatives of procrastination, including how it can cause stress and anxiety, how you’ll fail in meeting deadlines and etc. In fact, it’s totally opposite, research from Harvard mentioned that the ideas that came up from procrastinators are actually 28% more unique and creative.

So how can procrastination increase your creativity, as I mentioned I love doodling everywhere when I procrastinate, so I guess that’s one way to show that procrastinators are more creative. However, according to research shown from Harvard, it mentioned that as procrastinators spend more time doing other stuff, they’ll subconsciously think about the task that has to be done. This is beneficial as you have the time to think about different ideas, plus when you’re in different environments it tends to boost your creativity and to think more out-of-the-box. For example, Leonardo da Vinci who drew the world-known piece ‘Mona Lisa’, spent 16 years finishing this masterpiece, between these 16 years he spent time improving his painting skills and exploring different fields like engineering, chemistry, geology, etc.

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Secondly, Procrastination can instead help you focus and be productive. Yes, you heard me right. Procrastination can help you save time, it might sound a bit contradictory as most people think that you’re being lazy and spending time on everything else other than the task. However, in my own perspective when I do things in advance, I am actually in a hurry-up mode leading me to not processing information deeply, but when I procrastinate, I am actually thinking about the question or task over and over again to find the right way to absorb the information. In addition to that, when I start to realize the deadline is approaching, anxiety and anxiety can help me finish the task more productively.

Last but not least, the biggest benefit of procrastination is that you live in the moment. This also means paying attention to doing things you are enjoying doing, like spend time listening to music or spend time staring out the window. Perhaps you might think that you’re wasting time on things other than the work you’re supposed to finish, but by procrastinating you actually have the time to do different stuff that you prefer doing and try not to stress about too much on your current tasks.

To round up my speech, there are actually hidden benefits to procrastination. It boosts your creativity, helps you to work through tasks quickly, and help you enjoy life. So don’t feel TOO guilty about it, when the next time you procrastinate. However, one thing that you have to remember is everything is about balance, a moderate amount of procrastination is good for your mind and body, but too much procrastination can do harm to you as well.

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