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The History of Cleopatra's Romantic Relationships

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Cleopatra’s life was very interesting. Being born into the Ptolemy family, life was not easy. She had to be very smart and intelligent to even stay alive. She was her father’s favorite so she learned from the best person to rule. She got married to her father so he could have someone by his side. A year later, he died and Cleopatra and her brother were co-rulers. But as time went on, her brother wanted to rule by himself and it was clear that he would do anything to make sure that happened. So, when Julius Caesar came she saw her chance. She talked her way into making Caesar think that they were in love and they had a kid. She had everything she wanted, she was a ruler and had everything set up for her son since Caesar was the most powerful ruler in the world at that time.

Sadly, Caesar was killed by his people. After hearing this, Cleopatra knew she needed to come up with a new plan and fast. She saw Mark Antony. That was the person whom we believe she really loved. She talked her way into his life and they eventually had a kid. But he had to leave and marry Octavia to keep his people happy. Cleopatra raised her kids while he was gone. He eventually came back and they were happy for a short time. Then Octavian started a civil war and he won. So Cleopatra sent Antony a letter saying she had died. He killed himself out of grief by trying to fall on his sword. He missed and died a slow painful death in the arms of Cleopatra. Cleopatra had been figuring out how to kill herself by snake venom. She also had one more chance to get power. She tried to talk her way into Octavian’s life. He declined her and left. Then Cleopatra took the venom and died.

Yes, I think they really loved each other. In my opinion, when Cleopatra saw that what she had been working towards was falling she stuck by him, same and Antony. They were more into each other then her and caesar as well. They really tried to make things work despite Antonyms empire falling and his people being mad at him. Antony killed himself when he thought Cleopatra had killed herself. That to me shows love and not being able to live without her. So yeah, I think they loved each other by all the signs they showed.

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Antony is a party animal. All he wants to do is party and have fun. He also is pretty into himself meaning he knows he looks good and flaunts it. He also was a decent ruler before Cleopatra came along. Cleopatra is very, very intelligent. She thinks everything through and normally gets what she wants. She also knows how to work people or ‘woo’ them to have them work in her favor. She uses her body to get things she wants with men. She just has the woo factor and is irresistible with the way she talks.

Julius Caesar was smart, but not smart enough for Cleopatra. Even though he was the most powerful ruler in that time. He eventually gets so caught up in the Cleopatra mess that his own people turned against him and killed him. Octavian is also very smart. I feel like these people had to be to be successful in their time. He knows what he wants and he pretty much does anything to get it. He doesn’t let stupid things get in his way.

I like Octavian the most because he knew what he wanted and he got it. He didn’t let anyone including Cleopatra get in his way. He was also a person of good character in my opinion. He did what was right for his people. Even though he did start a war, in the end he ended up winning and became a very good ruler.

My least favorite is Cleopatra. She’s the one who made all these people die and if she just would’ve stayed in Egypt ten nobody else would’ve been bothered. She did what she had to do I guess but she didn’t need to do it this way. She could’ve just killed her brother and be done with it. But no, she had to go ruin more than one person’s life because she wanted everything for herself. I might be a little harsh but the fact that she just had to rule or had to be in control of everything is kind of annoying.

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