The Human Side of the Great Depression: Opinion Essay

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My name is Holly Reed, I am a 23 year old and I come from a big family, we owned a small little bakery on the northside of town before the great depression had begun. I am married to Scott Reed and we have two children together, Braxston and Reagan. I live with my husband Scott and my two kids in a 1 bedroom apartment. We lost everything when the great depression started, we sold a lot of our things just to buy food. My parents Kathryn and Wyatt live in New York. They aren't suffering as much as we are. They sold their house and got a decent apartment but they also lost a lot of things. It's been really hard to find a job for a woman now during the Great Depression. Before it happened I was a bag girl at a supermarket nowadays nobody goes there because nobody has money to spend stupidly so they let me go. If it wasn't for my husband i would have no one to provide for our kids and myself. In the picture below i see a father and his son. The father has a broom in his hand they are cleaning up the mess. I think what's going on in their lives right now is that they are very confused on what they are gonna do how they are going to afford food, drinks,and etc.

We've been in the Great Depression for a while now. I have invested all my money into the banks. A shipping company was invited into my bakery. We eventually lost the bakery we couldn't make payments so the bank took it from us. The bakery was the only thing that we had left when we lost our house. The shipping investment that was invested into the bakery went away to support their own, it affected a lot of people even the wealthiest. My husband and I plan to pay back the loans we owe little by little, when he gets a job we split the money in half use it to buy food, pay for rent and etc. than what is left over we put away to give to the bank even if it is 1 dollar.

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Sometimes i still think about how we used to live , in our big house with 4 rooms, a big ole kitchen where i loved to cook….. I lived in Edison, New York. It took a long way to get the house that we had. We had to buy our house on margin, What that means is that we had to take out loans to purchase the house we had. The people that gave out loans were the bank. To rent out the house we had it was 60 dollars a month. All together it was 1,298 dollars. My husband and I planned on working and getting loans to pay it off. Our house eventually got foreclosed on. We were forced to move to a hooverville because there was nowhere to go. I live in a really ghetto area where we use blankets for walls and all our kids including i sleep on the floor and there are 2 other families living with us. I blame the banks for losing our house because if we didn't have trust in them than we would have never have gotten the house in the first place. We trusted our money with them when they never told us they were having banking crises.

The banks handled the stock market crash horribly. They never told us anything. they told us they were gonna keep our money safe. They kept us in the dark the whole time. When they started to tell us all of our money was gone. I kept my money with the banks because I felt like I could trust them. When I found out all my money that my husband and I saved up to pay for our house we were devastated but also very mad at the banks our president.

I honestly do not like hoover, he did nothing to help with the great depression. He felt that assistance should be handled on a local, voluntary basis. Hoover's response was he doesn't give out handouts he said the government shouldn't need to help you if you're in a crisis you need to figure it out yourself he basically said it sounds like a personal problem to him. In my opinion it is a dumb idea how could we bulid the econmy over again with no money with nothing. We need help from the government. Trickle down economics works. Trickle down economics is that theories states that all taxes spur economic growth. down I am going to vote for Franklin Roosevelt because he is more reliable and he knows what he is doing, hoover is doing everything wrong.

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