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The Idea Of Government Control

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Imagine living in a place where you’re forced to live a certain lifestyle, follow rules and not have a say in the matter. Because you’re afraid of what the consequences may be not just for yourself but for your loved ones as well. The Giver is a novel written by Lois Lowry and it’s about a boy named Jonas who lives in a futuristic society that is led and controlled by a council “The Elders’ ‘. Who makes every aspect of your life. Divergent is a film directed by Neil Burger. Which takes place in a Dystopian future society that consists of five factions. Amity, Erudite, Candor, Abnegation, and Dauntless. Tris prior has finally reached adulthood and must choose one of the five factions. She however is divergent and cannot belong to just 1 faction. Both Divergent and The Giver portray a criticism of government control using a dystopian society.

What’s the point of being human if at the end of the day you get controlled like a robot and have your whole life already set in stone. The Giver achieves its purpose of a dystopian community where one’s life is controlled by a higher power. Like the government for example which is portrayed as the council who are “The Elders”. Firstly the people who live in this society all have one thing in common and that’s the idea of “Sameness” which is an idea organized and valued by the elders. Thus proving ones life cannot be decided by themselves, on the contrary its being created by the council. Secondly is the choosing of a “Receiver of memory”. This is somebody whom the council picks as being worthy of having the ability to handle memories of life. Demonstrating once again that your life isn’t yours to live. That there will always be somebody above you who controls the way people are wired to live. Therefore, the story achieves its purpose by showing that any form of higher power that doesn’t have their citizens best intentions at heart will result in conflict. Adding on to this idea of a controlled society based on others beliefs is the movie Divergent.

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Nobody ever really feels like they belong, but what if it wasn’t about belonging and just simply trying to fit in. The movie Divergent has a unique way of capturing the idea that those who are forced to follow a specific lifestyle run by a government. That won’t work if the people feel like they are being controlled at the expense of their happiness based on different ideologies. One example is shown in the beginning at the choosing ceremony, where each young adult is expected to choose between the 5 factions in order to help maintain the peace among each other. If you are a Divergent however you can’t be controlled or put into just one because you contain the ability to belong to them all. Which is looked down upon by the government. Therefore resulting in your execution. Another example of this can be seen when Erudite makes everybody of the dauntless faction be injected with a serum which only they have the power to control. Since dauntless are seen as the security for the city it’s easier to enforce laws upon the other factions, if they are following the government’s commands. In Conclusion it ties into the idea that people who are forced into living the way somebody else wants them to just for personal gain will alway be criticized.

The common purpose is that any idea of a higher power in this case being the government is always going to be criticized by the followers, people or society in general. Personally I think Divergent did a better Job of really capturing this idea. It did a better Job because it had a sense of realness to it. By that I mean that you can connect it to today. Most young adults struggle with things like identity, what they want to do for the rest of their lives, and how they want to live. In many cases the five factions in the movie can also be seen in the real world as cliques or social levels. Nonetheless it displays the idea that you should always fight and do what’s best for you regardless of the outcome, because everybodys different. And we shouldn’t be expected to live the same way. Divergent and The Giver can be seen as a demonstration of today’s society, of how we all live based on rules, beliefs, or traditions. And although at first it may seem like everybody could live harmoniously amongst each other by following these ideas, whenever a government and its people don’t agree on a matter it usually will result in chaos.

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