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The Impact of Good Family Relationships Determining their Kids’ Future

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As Barbara Bush quoted, “To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there.” There are times that you can be having the most memorable times in your life. But remember, there can be trouble in relationships, but thankfully there is conflict resolution, so it can be able to be fixed, and the problem can be erased before the relationship gets ruined. After all, the future of a child can continue to be enlightened if they have a distinct relationship with the family and members.

There are various ways to have a pleasant and strong connection when it comes to parents. To be simple with the facts, a parent-child relationship is important because it is the one unique bond that supports the physical, emotional and social progression of the child. An example of a strong bond that can be in family-child relationships is in a child’s’ book called: “The Giving Tree”, written by the author Shel Silverstein. And because of how it reflects a family-child bond is important, is how the storyline went on how the boy would come to the tree every day of his life as if the tree was his parent and they had fun together, but as time went on, the boy grew older day by day and spent less time with the tree. However, the boy would come back asking the tree to give him some money, a house to live in, and then a boat to travel “far from here” But the tree was like a very caring and supporting parent, giving everything she had from the apples she grew so he could sell them for money, and the branches that she had which were given to the boy so he could build a house so he could have a place to live and start a family, and also giving her trunk away for his boat. And even though she gave it all away, the tree was happy. The message is that mothers will do anything to benefit the child until they are tired, probably like how the child’s’ parents were when the child was in his/her younger days. As quoted from George Bernard Shaw: “ A delightful family is, but elder heaven.” Furthermore, by its means is that a family in “heaven” will become to have a particularly strong relationship with the parents. Childcare, love, and commitment will linger forever.

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Well, there are many ways that good family relationships can come out. For instance, if the child spends time with his or her parents in different sorts of fun activities, then it will improve their courage when they will go do their education at school and can be able to make friends, since all of the time they spent with their parents. Furthermore, it means that it improves how the kid will feel comfortable in his/her environment. To illustrate is that if you get help from your parents on specific subjects, then it will improve their academics in school. It improves self-determination and lowers depression, anxiety, and even lowered self-esteem. There is no such thing better than having a strong relationship with your parents than anyone else besides your family.

There is one of those times when the parent or the child is not being very supportive. This is one of those moments when you need a tool to guide you out of these problems, conflict resolution. Stating this, let’s say that the child is raging over this hard video game and a kid can get stressed out very easily since their brain is not developed. What the parent would do, is that he/she can explain to him/her to calm down and have a talk about it. And also, children that get stressed like this, deserve a little bit of space for themselves to ease the anger out and then talk to the child. He can be able to think it through and he would be calm again. This resolution prevents the kid to be very upset and has lowered self-esteem. Another way that a bond that is at serious risk is that there are parents who have a child who is thirteen years old and he participates in two activities, soccer, and swimming. Yet, he mostly wins soccer but loses in a swimming race, and probably the other way around. And if this keeps ongoing, it can lead him to quit one of his professions. What the parents can do is to first have a small chat about it, and with conflict resolution, the parents can make a daily schedule, on which of the 2 activities he should practice. This strategy allows the kid to order the way he practices, which makes a good impact on the teen. Also, if the parents are not being that supportive, then the child can have a little talk about how they are parenting them and what they can approve in the child’s opinion. Even if there are thick cuts in family relationships that can hurt, they will always heal infinitely.

The future of a child can be different if they have strong relationships with their parents. Bonds can come in many varieties, and the list is endless, and they will also never lead to mental illnesses that impact their health, but even if they do, then it can be solved by conflict resolution. The only special, most unique, and the most important relationship is family. It will lead your kids to a good future with the right amount of love, and determination. All of that hard work will be worth doing, and they will fit right into society.

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