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The Impact Of Leadership Styles On Business Effectiveness

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Leadership style impacts any business by influencing employee morale, their profitability, dynamic speed, as well as measurements. Leaders who are successful cautiously analyze issues, evaluates employees aptitude level, think about other options, and settle on an educated decision. A compelling leader gives an enduring effect by picking the most appropriate style of leadership following the circumstance. The leadership style of senior leaders in the company can have a profound impact on the success or failure of every business (Judge, Bono, Ilies, and Gerhardt, 2002). Management isn’t just about making decisions but also about the kind of culture you create in the workplace, and how you handle problems and issues of employees (Antonakis, Day, and Schyns, 2012). Hence, the personality traits of senior leaders play a vital role in the success of the company.

Given the results of the IPIP-NEO personality questionnaire, these managers have shown positive indicators of agreeableness, conscientiousness, openness, and extraversion. Management styles affect everyone from senior management down to newly hired employees. They create a corporate culture that influences the company and its performance. Communication and flexibility are important aspects of being a leader, and understanding the personalities of every employee can help improve both the managers and subordinates. Knowing how your subordinates are probably going to adapt in various circumstances will permit you to place them in positions where they are prepared to succeed. A common view is that managers possess a special set of qualities that are intrinsically part of their personality. While these depictions surely catch something about leadership, they don’t find a workable pace of it. Hogan and Holland (2003) state that effective leadership is neither a product of having the right characteristics nor about having the right expertise, but it’s certainly something that can be enhanced and learned over time, with the right dedication and effort. Indeed, it is conceivable to enable and create successful leaders at all levels inside a company and fulfill the authoritative basis for a compelling initiative that is a counterpart for a company’s most basic business challenges.

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In our company, the democratic leadership style is currently being practiced by the senior leaders in accordance with their personality traits results. The democratic management style depends on shared regard. It is often combined with participatory management because it requires collaboration between leaders and employees guide.

The perceptions of their subordinates’ are significantly important. Although in the hospitality, the management is described as a ‘being there’ style, which provides stress, intervention, and control of operations and interactions between employees at all levels in the company. Furthermore, Hersey, Blanchard and Johnson (2017) stated that managerial management style ‘being there’ or ‘hands-on’ is considered as a prevalent management style in the hospitality industry, this style could be more compelling than different styles to obtain employees’ job satisfaction, since the managers work all the time with their subordinates and therefore leaders give more concern to employees’ problems at work. Managers clearly distribute responsibility and lead democratically among his group to facilitate participation in decision making. These senior managers also empower group members to accomplish tasks and provides training for development. Another management style used in the company is the Coaching style management approach to deliver better engagement, communication, and bottom-line results. Collaboration and partnership is described as a coaching style of management and external motivators are transformed into self-motivation when leaders behave like coaches. Also, a Coaching Style delivers huge benefits to individuals and company’s such as providing a good balance of support and challenge and reduces the stress of employees.

Making a large leap toward greater success as leaders and a company depends on the management style applied to every situation. Set aside the effort to allow the circumstance to disentangle and afterward apply the correct management style to the right circumstance. Understanding this approach enables everyone involved to see things with greater clarity. They will comprehend themselves better and will see each other in a manner they didn’t previously. It is a situation where everybody wins.

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