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The Impact Of Music Therapy On Emotional And Physical State

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“Music Therapy” is a well known technology that impacts many lives nowadays. Musical therapy is a type of therapy which is proven to work after conducted research which you may also call “ Clinical evidence-based therapy”. The creator of music therapy was E. Theyar Gaston and found in the year 1789 while it appeared in an article Columbian Magazine which was called “Music physically considered”.Even though it was invented in that time some people think music therapy goes way back. It was mainly invented to help doctors use music as a “sedative or distraction in the operating room”, but is now used to even improve the patients “quality of life”. Furthermore the main music therapy aspects are “physical, emotional, mental, social, aesthetic, and spiritual”. It helps patients improve their motor, cognitive, sensory and many other domains. Music therapy is practiced in development work with people who have special needs as well as songwritting and listening to music with older people. Sometimes music therapy is even used in cancer centers or even drug recovery programs.

Music therapy works by causing a distraction for your mind, it may also slow down the rhythms of your body which slows down breathing and reduces blood pressure. In addition it may even influence a person’s behavior. It is proven that by listening to music you may achieve a better mood and become more self aware of your emotions and yourself. In addition there is also prove that by listening to positive music your mood may change in a good way within two weeks. Music therapy also decreases anxiety, stress and even depression in some ways. Lastly it even improves self expression which is how we describe how we feel, thoughts and our personal issues. But it may also improve communication with others.

Although music therapy contains a lot of benefits, it also has cons such as: Hearing problems. It is proven that when you listen to loud music continuously you can develop hearing problems. In addition, music therapy can also trigger memories. Sometimes those memories may not be pleasant to remember. As an example, if you are listening to sad music it can remind you of heartbreak or death in some cases. Furthermore music therapy may increase your overall emotions meaning if you are depressed and listen to sad songs your depression may get worse.

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There are two main types of music therapy which are receptive music therapy and active music therapy. Receptive therapy is used to increase your mood, decrease stress and enhance relaxation by listening or playing recorded that is selected by your therapist. While active therapy involves the patient creating, playing or singing music. It is proven that playing certain instruments can improve your lung functioning. Active therapy is mainly used to improve your physical state while receptive therapy improves your mental state.

Just like any other therapy music therapy has many characteristics or forms. There is the Ternary form, Sonata form there are themes and variations as well as different types of music with different benefits. The ternary for is related with the Baroque era, it is mainly used for therapy work. Sonata form is known for the classical and romantic era. It is composed from three main points. It contains an introduction, exposition and development. Theme and variations use different eras. The music melody can be composed from different instruments. To sum up music therapy therapy has different characteristics and types.

In conclusion, music therapy may help you cope with your emotional state as well as your physical state. It is proven by doctors that music therapy helps both of these states. Music therapy also contains pros and cons and to add it also has different characteristics and types. We can see that sound technology has evolved to help people. Music therapy proves this as it not only helps people with mental problems it also may help people with physical limitations. Many disabled people or kids use music therapy which shows that it impacts people’s lives in a good way. Even though this type of therapy has cons, if you use it carefully and with a professional it should not impact you negatively, even if music therapy is mainly used for patients or disabled people it is safe to say that anyone can use it to fulfill their needs. To conclude music therapy shows how sound technology has improved and evolved to help people.

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