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The Impact Of Technology On Car-buying Behaviour

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Customer Requirement

With the pace of technology change continues to increase nowadays, it leads to everyone taste keep changing. Therefore, every organization need to keep innovate something to fulfill the satisfaction of customers. However, almost all people also have the unlimited demand and need to the vehicle. To prevent eliminated by this cruel society, the vehicle industries need to conduct the research and innovate somethings to satisfy their customers’ needs.

In this modern society, number of the automobile keep increasing and drivers are starting to appreciate the safety on the road. They are seeking an automobile which can help them to reduce the risk of accident happens. So, the airbag is essential item for the automobile. Besides, the sensor also is needed not only at the back of the automobile, also in front of automobile. This is because it can assist the driver when parking. Strong steel as the automobile’s shell also is an aspect which highly appreciated by the customer because it can prevent or reduce the damage when accident happens. Apart from that, the automobile also needs to set the system to open the light automatically when the brightness is too low because there are many drivers always forget to open the light when night or rain nowadays. Furthermore, there are also many people involved in the career which need always need to concern for their messages in WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, Messenger, Telegram or other. Therefore, dashboard with the multipurpose also can be considered to put inside the automobile and it is able to read the message to the driver with the voice. It can help the driver concentrate when driving the car. Moreover, almost all the people are appreciating work-life balance and they would set a family day. Normally, they will plan to go shopping mall with their family on the family day.

Therefore, the automobile should be designed as 5 seat and have a big trunk. Based on the observation, the customers more prefer the trunk which can open automatically because they need to take many things after shopping. So, the sensor can be considered to put in the trunk of automobile which can detect the voice of car owner. For the example, the trunk will be open automatically when the owner says, “open the trunk”. To consider the environment protection, not only the government advocate green policy, it also appreciated by this society. So, the customers will prefer to the hybrid automobile. This hybrid automobile can help to reduce the level of environment pollution.

Another reason of customer prefer hybrid automobile is it can help them to reduce the cost of fuel consumption. Due to the number of automobile increases, many of the car park is designed to become more and more narrow. So, the door of automobile should be designed to move upward when open it, it can help to prevent the automobile’s door touch to another car. Apart from that, the shape of automobile can be designed as aerodynamic because it can improve the automobile’s stability. In addition, there are many drivers are forced to pay the penalty because of overspeed. Therefore, the automobile can be designed to have a system which can set the speed limit to prevent this case happens. Although the customer requirement is difficult to fulfill but the organization of automobile must be concern on it. This is because it can help the organization to obtain the competitive advantage.

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Functional Specification

There are many functions added on into this vehicle designed. As we know, a car is a complex machine with several systems functioning simultaneously. Safety becomes our priority consideration factor in vehicle designed. Thus, Tiger-X have 12 airbags which located at head and knee airbags in the front, two side curtain airbags, four seat-mounted side airbags, and two door-mounted airbags. Airbag is used to help passenger in car to reduce their speed in collision and at the same time without getting injury. For sure, Tiger-X have active safety technologies. For example, automatic emergency braking, rollover crash sensor, speed sensor to avoid over speed during drive. These function can reduce the possibility of car accident. In addition, there are few system applied to Tiger-X. Blind Spot Information System (BLIS), Door Opening Warning System (DOW), Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Stability Control (ESC). Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) is an information system that able to detect when another vehicle moving in the same direction but side-view mirror’s of your vehicle is in ‘blind area’. For the ABS, it is a safety kid braking system and will works to prevent the wheels from auto locking up during braking. In addition, ESC is used to improve a vehicle’s stability by lower the loss of traction. For the Tiger-X, this vehicle designed consists of in-car entertainment (ICE). There are not only have radios and CD players, but also consists of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity, USB connectivity and video players. By simple knobs and dials, ICE systems can operates steering wheel audio controls and hand-free voice control.

Automotive navigation system also being applied to this vehicle to bring driver to location more accurately. Navigation always based on real-time traffic-based routine. Through Bluetooth function, they can link app to check vehicle status and remote functionality. Next, convenient will be one of the buyers’ consideration factor. This car is keyless car. Driver no need to lock the door by physically turning a lock. Once you push the button, then you can start your drive. Keyless entry systems special for careless people, this help can reduce frustrating search for keys tucked away in anywhere. In Tiger-X, Smart Tag and Touch N Go reader are built in. This can bring convenient to driver during pass the toll. High definition backup camera in Tiger-X is used for the purpose of being attached to the rear of a vehicle to alleviate the rear blind spot. It can used to avoid a backup collision.

Product Specification Tiger X Specification

With prices starting from RM99,980 on-the-road without insurance. 6.0 Market Analysis The automotive industry is a growing and leading the market that focuses on younger generation. This comprised of many subgroups which include engineering, design, next generation manufacturing, distribution, and research and development. Automotive companies especially Tiger X are focused on controlling cost so that it can be affordable that would not burn a hole in pocket, improving efficiency in various terms for an example turbo engines and utilization of alternative energy engines. Tiger X is categorised in several different categories based on the fuel consumed including gasoline, diesel, electric, and various hybrid or alternative fuel cars such as ethanol and combined electrical motor heat engine drives.

Electric cars, also known as electric vehicles (EVs) that specialised and used in Tiger X are the most fuel efficient using conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) automobiles such as zero air pollution and reduced emissions Electric cars are more expensive than traditional automotive vehicles this primarily due to the added cost of a high capacity battery.

Hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) combine the traditional ICE with an electric propulsion system, and this electric powertrain gives HEVs improved fuel economy over conventional vehicles. This makes Tiger X one of the outstanding automobile. Other that Tiger X focuses on green vehicles, using alternative fuels like ethanol (flex fuel cars) and compressed natural gas (CNG). In 2009, China became the largest national automotive manufacturer by production volume with the highest market as well surpassing the United States, Japan is recognized as the third largest. The automotive industries include car or vehicle manufacturers, component and automotive part manufacturers, re­sellers, and after­market services and parts. The current global automotive markets and industries are characterized by slowly diversifying demand region, with growing demand from highly populated developing countries with that Tiger X will be one of the automobile that would be leading the market not only but also satisfy the users.

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