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The Impact Of Technology On The Muslim Family

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The spread of Islamic messages throughout the Muslim family, was very limited in the past because communication tools, such as televisions, mobile phones, computers, etc. where lacking. The most widely used, medium of communication in the past was books. The written text of the, Quranic translation, Hadith, and Fiqh among others were available in hard copies. An atmosphere, whereby Islamic resources can be transformed into digital form and easily distributed across the globe is facilitated by, Information Communication Technology (ICT). With the new technology, the Muslim ummah can interact with each other, to teach and exchange ideas using various social media programs or platforms. Technology has great impacts on the Muslim family. I will discuss about the impacts both positive and negatives, the advent of new technology have impacted the Muslim family across the globe. the impacts of the new technology, had on the Muslim family are enormous but before that let us have a brief explanation of “technology”.

Information Communication Technology: The term “Technology” is very broad and everyone may have their own way of understanding its denotation. Technology is used in our everyday lives, to do our daily live tasks; hence it can be described as processes and products used to simplify our daily live errands. Almost everything we do in our daily lives, technology is used; we use technology at work, we use technology for communication, transportation, learning, manufacturing, securing data, scaling businesses and many more. (Ramey, 2013). The impact of technology on the Muslim family includes but not limited the following:

Positive Impact of Technology on Muslims

Access to Online lectures and Classes: The emergence of new technology had drastically transformed learning and teaching procedures in the education sector, including the Islamic education. Muslims around the world can learn anything they want to know about their Deen at the comfort of their homes. The new technology makes it possible, for Muslims who cannot afford to travel out of their country or women who are restricted in movements by Islam, in order to learn about Islam, to attend global classes via virtual classes. Muslim across the globe can take part in global online classes and lectures conducted by top and famous Islamic scholars all over the world. The Muslim society can now learn the holy Qur’an, Sunnah, Sharia and T very easy nowadays, and thanks to the new technology. Tajweed via virtual online Islamic classes and lectures. Access to Islamic knowledge is (Rosenberg, 2004).

Development of Islamic Software and Applications: The new technology facilitates the accessibility of Quran, Hadith and other Islamic teachings in digital formats for laptops, mobile phones and iPod. The Muslim family, who are living in non-Muslim countries, who find it very challenging to access the hard copies of the Holy Quran, Hadith, or other Islamic books can easily, with the help of Information technology, access to various soft copies Islamic teachings by accessing Islamic software, in audio or text formats via the Islamic website for free and most importantly, the installation of the software takes very little time. The development of various Islamic application software for different categories of electronic devices like smart phones, laptops and others is facilitated by the new technology. Many Islamic application software are now available for free access by the Muslim family all over the world. Adhan apps that we used on our laptops or mobile phones, Arabic learning software for those who want to understand or learn Arabic language, Islamic Finder, Shamilah software, Qur’an and Hadith software and many more Islamic software application are examples of Islamic application software, that developed as a result of the advancing technology, that expressively impact on the life or practice of the Muslim family. (Hosseini, et al.,2014).

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Ease Communication: The new technology removes all obstacles of easy and fast communication faced by Muslims. The new and advancing technology removes all communication barriers among Muslim descendants of different countries. Before the evolvement of technology, Muslims around the world find it very challenging to communicate to each other in order to teach, learn, exchange ideas and to refute all the unfounded allegations against Islam and the Muslim family. The new technology makes if possible, for Muslims all over the world can talk to each other using various social media platforms or programs such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Emails and other. Muslims can share Islamic Knowledge and clear some misconception surrounding the Muslim Brotherhood. Muslims can also easily talk to famous and reputable scholars across globe directly, using social media platform or programs in order to get their questions answered. By virtue of information Technology therefore, the Muslim world today have become so informed on the events that occurred over the world, and thus learns the method of approach to International Relations and Diplomacy, International Politics, Weather Forecast, Health Issues, and etcetera. The new technology assist Muslims to easier practice Islam, such as the Aqd (contract) of marriage, which is now being carried out via the web through video conferencing (Rosenberg, 2004).


Threat to Privacy and Security: Despite having so many benefits to the Muslim family, the new technology also have some setbacks. Islam as a religion has great respect for the privacy of people, but in today’s world of technology, the privacy of the Muslim family is been compromised by third parties. The information and private communication of people are being accessed by third party without approval of the individuals concerned. The attack of privacy via technology includes all means of communications, to read or even change messages of others without their consent.

Morality Compromised: With the new technology, the Muslim society can access all types information via the internet, irrespective of the purpose; good or bad and as result some people abuse it by searching for Islamically forbidden things. Such as gambling, frauds and etc. (Hosseini, et al.,2014).


Information Technology gives Muslims the chance to advance Islamic education from their homes through virtual classes. Islamic games and videos are available for children to learn Islam. The new technology greatly, impacted the live of the Muslims. The new technology makes life easier for the Muslim family. Muslims can have authentic knowledge of Islam at their homes.


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