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The Impact Of Television And Texting On The Language Development Of Children

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Text messaging is one example of interpersonal communication. People nowadays use interpersonal communication most of their time to communicate. Teenagers use text messaging as their number one way of communicating with their friends, family and even other people. The researcher decided to investigate on how text messaging influences teenager’s use of grammar and whether this effect is specific to grammar language in general.

To begin with, research suggests that by using text messaging there might be the formation of formal and informal modes in English. ¬¬ It is also shown that in teenagers, they create their own language and they use ellipsis and elision. They ¬¬¬tend to remove some words like in ‘Do you want to eat?’ to ‘eat?’, ‘kind of’ to ‘kinda’ which is grammatically incorrect and it is not formal.This is proven by time to time that they carry on this habit to their daily face to face conversation; ‘Give me a ring when you’re available’, ‘OMG, last night’s party was a blast.’ They still use elisions, ellipsis and also slang words which are considered informal.Ellipsis is the omission from speech or writing of a word or words that are superfluous or able to be understood from contextual clues.Elision is the omission of a sound or syllable when speaking (as in I’m, let’s, e ‘ en ).(Wikipedia)

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In addition, the usage of text messaging increases the punctuation and grammar mistakes in children and teenagers.There was a study that looks out at children’s grammar ability when it comes to the usage of text messaging (Kemp et al., Wood et al.). The study involves 5-10-year-old children within a 2-day period on how text messaging affects their grammar assessment. It has been shown that text messaging has affected the way that children aged 8-10 years old. Theywere asked to perform a spelling task, and majority of the children made more grammar violations the same as they did in text messaging. The observation of the grammar violations has to do with the missing punctuation like ‘It was ace are you coming out later?’ which in mid-sentence it was missing a full stop or a comma, capitalization error ‘I am going to see tom tonight.’ Which was missing proper noun capitals, word and grammatical errors (missing words ‘ Am going out later’ which is missing a pronoun or a subject, lack of subject verb agreement ‘ Matt like fish’ the subject is singular while the verb is for plural , and grammatical homonyms ‘ Their going to town to buy sweets.’)(Wood et al., Kemp et al., Wiley et al. 2014)

Furthermore, text messaging hinders all types of communication including, written, face-to-face, and surface level. Research suggests that around 72% of teenagers text regularly, and one in three sends more than 100 texts per day (Pew Research Center). It can be seen that teenagers preferred text messaging as one of their method of communication.While texting hasn’t been around long enough for researchers to review its long-term effects on communication, there’s indirect evidence that it’s rapidly altering the ways people communicate with one another both via text and in person. Researchers said that people who have grown up to texting may have a poor writing skill than the people who regularly communicate using the correct grammar and sentences either face to face, phone calls, or even via e-mail. Teenagers or young adults might lose their ability to modify the tone when they’re speaking and their style depending on who they are talking to.

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