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The Importance And Essence Of Quantitative Research

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There are so many things that are yet to discover in this world and to be able to attain a full comprehension of those is through a research. A research can be classified into two types: qualitative and quantitative. The quantitative research is essential in the field of education for it is used in several cases.

Through this type of research, things such as the effectiveness of a teacher, the student’s performance and growth, the student’s learning preferences, and other things that are related to the quality of education in a certain school or university can be known and evaluated. It is due to these studies that they are able to improve what is lacking and correct the mistakes they have done according to the research. The usage of quantitative research is not only limited to the quality of education, but can also be used in things that involves a statistical data and analysis and can be evaluated or rated. Moreover, including quantitative research in the education of the students can increase their knowledge and capability to discover and be able to grasp a full understanding of some things using statistics. Furthermore, not only the quantitative research is essential in the field of education but also in the field of business.

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There are various cases in which this type of research can be used in this field. The findings of the study can be used to predict on where the business is headed, which means it can predict its success. The studies in relation to business are conducted to improve marketing strategies and to be aware of the condition of the business that is being handled. Additionally, it can help make decisions regarding the marketing and management since it is valid and it provides solid evidences. Using statistical analysis is more reliable in terms of business since it involves numerical data and values which are more precise and accurate.

Quantitative research can also be of importance to medical and health allied services due to the reason that the performance of a specific service can be determined through statistical, mathematical, numerical data and analysis. In addition, the health facilities or services can find out their customer’s demographics. Through research studies, the issues inside the services can be solved and can be improved in many ways possible. New medicines can also be a result of the said research and amidst the collection of data; a lot of useful materials can be developed and will be tested quantitatively upon sharing to the people. Likewise with the other fields, the quantitative research is significant in the field of science and technology seeing it helps gain a better understanding of the world and creates an effective solution for the issues circulating in the society and the world.

There are numerous things that are hard to evaluate or determine the condition just by knowing its characteristics and properties but with the help of statistical analysis, the research to be conducted will be reliable and can as well reduce several uncertainties in which are present in every research. It is a more preferable approach considering that the society now relies on science and technology, this type of method is effective for it has a wide range of discovery. It is not only limited to knowing the characteristics and properties of things but also its measurement and quantity that can affect a whole exploration. In conclusion, quantitative is suited in different fields and provides solid evidences using statistics.

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