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The Importance Of Biblical Worldview In Christianity

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God is not dead. God has existed from the beginning of time and will continue to exist for eternity. His existence is not defined by human understanding. The Psalmist talks about how God has existed from “everlasting to everlasting” (Psalm 90:2, English Standard Version). This terminology means that God has always been and always will be. Understanding these concepts is essential to the understanding of a biblical worldview which is foundational to the Christian life. A Christian should base everything on his biblical worldview. Since God is the basis for reality and truth, it is possible to discover the purpose of education and how a biblical worldview can be applied to the educational practice as a whole.

A biblical worldview is important in the life of every Christian. What is a biblical worldview? A biblical worldview is a lens in which the world is seen. According to Graham (2018), the biblical worldview clearly states that there is a God, an adversary who seeks to destroy man, and an existence of sin and evil which only God can overcome (2018). This summary is accurate with scripture. In the book of Joshua, the author says to be “strong and courageous” because God will always be with the Christian (Joshua 1:9). This verse is based on the presupposition that God exists and has always existed. God is the basis of all reality, and He created everything. He is the beginning and the end of all things, the determiner of reality and the single source of truth. When discussing truth, it is important to include what truth is and how it can be determined. Jesus, the son of God, clearly states in John that he is “the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6). The source of truth is found in God solely. However, since God wrote the Bible, the Bible is also the source of truth for it is the word of God.

The Bible clearly talks about our adversary, the devil, who seeks to destroy man. In 1 Peter, the author tells readers to be alert because “the devil” is waiting to destroy the Christian like a “roaring lion” awaits his prey (1 Peter 5:8). There is no doubt in the author’s mind that this is the reality. The devil does exist, and he is seeking to destroy all men. This is a reality that is terrible but true. It cannot be ignored. Lastly, sin and evil do exist and are the downfall of every man. When man lives for and values worldly things rather than God, he is doomed to an eternity in hell. There is only one way to escape this fate and his name is Jesus, the perfect, sinless, son of God. Jesus died on the cross as a blood sacrifice, and His death opens the door to salvation. However, the believer must accept Jesus into her life. She must believe that Jesus died for her sins, accept Him as the only way to salvation, and confess faith in Jesus Christ as her Savior and Lord. This is the key to salvation and the basis of the Christian belief. These truths are found throughout the New Testament of the Bible. The biblical worldview exists around the belief that God is the basis for reality and truth, and without God nothing would exist. Once a biblical worldview is established, it is possible to discuss the Christian’s philosophy of education. This philosophy is based on three questions about education. The questions of meaning, purpose, and value.

Education has a unique meaning and purpose. Education creates students who are able to change society. According to John C. Bartlett (2007), each student is created differently; therefore, the student must be the “driving force behind education” and the being who is most important in the “education continuum” (2007). When education is student-centered, the material taught must meet the needs of the students. Education is about more than books and knowledge, especially Christian education. Christian educators teach life skills and attitudes that the child will carry with him throughout his adult life. Life skills and attitudes include responsibility, honorability, integrity, and good character. The biblical worldview must be incorporated into every area of life because it is the basis of all understanding.

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Education for the Christian also has a unique purpose. This purpose can easily be found in scripture. Solomon says to train a child how to do what is right so that “even when he is old, he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6). This is the purpose of education. Teachers are called to train children to live out a biblical worldview. While it is important to teach traditional educational material, children need to be taught to do what is right first and foremost. Of course, education should also teach students the knowledge that is necessary to be successful in life. According to a speech by Francis Schaeffer (2018/1982), “Christian education should deal with all human knowledge – presenting it in a framework of truth, rooted in the Creator’s existence, and in his creation” (2018/1982) While Christian educators should teach the traditional subjects, they should also seek to incorporate a biblical worldview into the taught material. A school cannot be successful if the students are not learning the traditional education material. School exists to prepare children for the future in both an academic setting and in life.

The value of education is undeniable. Education trains students to be successful and that is valuable beyond measure. Every successful person today can remember a teacher who left an impact on them. Someone invested in their lives and made them the person they are today. Biblically based education is important; in fact, it is a world-changer. Schaeffer (2018/1982) says that Christian education should be able to produce students who are more educated in the “totality of knowledge, culture and life, than non-Christian education rooted in a false view of truth” (2018/1982). Christian schools should provide more value than public school because they are able to teach knowledge in its entirety, based on the ultimate truth, the Bible.

There are many implications that can be derived from a Christian’s philosophy of education. The purpose of school is to train the individual to be successful in both academics and life. The individual student must take responsibility for his learning and be an active recipient of the knowledge bestowed upon him. In Colossians, the author commands the Christian to “work heartedly” for the Lord and not for men. (Colossians 3:23) Students must actively participate and work hard in order to fulfill a biblical worldview. While the student has a unique responsibility, the role of the teacher cannot be diminished. According to Janelle Cox (2018), teaching is a profession that varies; teachers may play roles such as “surrogate parent, class disciplinarian, mentor, counselor, bookkeeper, role model, planner, and many other related roles.” (2018). Teachers are more than classroom facilitators. They are guides who open the child’s eyes to a world of understanding. A Christian teacher can offer more than a secular teacher. A Christian teacher can teach the whole child, meaning both physically and spiritually. In order to fulfill the biblical worldview, a Christian teacher must be actively involved in their student’s learning.

The purpose of the content and curriculum is to train students to be godly individuals who can serve the Lord in whatever field they choose. According to Schaefer (2018/1982), Students should not be introduced to material in “the midst of a vacuum, but they are taught each step along the way why what they are hearing is either true or false” (2018/1982). Christian school students should be taught the same academic material as all other schools using methods based on the biblical worldview. All material must be filtered through a biblical worldview when addressing difficult topics like evolution and homosexuality. The learner will be best reached when he understands that he is learning information that matters for his future in a way that upholds his worldview.

Since God is the basis for reality and truth, it is possible to discover the purpose of education and how a biblical worldview can be implied to the educational practice as a whole. Children need to experience God in every area of their life and especially in their schools. When a biblical worldview is applied to the education system, it is possible to reach the spiritual and educational needs of the student. A Biblical worldview is very important in the life of a Christian because it is a lens through which the entire world is seen.

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