The Importance Of Children Discipline For Parents

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As a parent, it’s their job to educate and support their child all throughout their childhood and teenage years. A baby isn’t born given a handbook figuring out what’s right from wrong, it’s the parent’s job to teach them. As a baby begins to grow, so are their cognitive skills and intellectual thoughts. At a young age, kids will start to detect information quickly, however they might not know what they’re saying or doing. In addition, an important parental aspect of raising children is discipline. Disciplining children isn't corporal punishment, but rather showing logical consequences. In reality, a parent’s job is one of the hardest task to accomplish, they’re in charge of their children’s understanding of what's going on around them.

Almost everyday in social media or on the news, we hear about problems mainly caused by undisciplined children. Sometimes this could be a report of a school shooting or a threat that can cause severe damage to a community. However, the children’s actions isn’t their fought, because they’re weren’t taught the difference between what’s right from wrong starting at a young age. Sometimes these actions are in the hands of the parent’s and they’re the ones to get blamed for the way their children turns out and acts in the real-world society. The mind of an undisciplined child has a different perspective compared to a disciplined child, because mainly they feel that certain circumstances don’t affect the people around them and in general they discern no difference in moral sense. For example, a school shooter sometimes has a mind that has zero tolerance towards specific things, leading to a reaction in their body to get triggered.

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As a baby grows into their toddler two’s also known as the terrible twos, their development skills have progress from what they learn on the daily. At this point of life it’s normal for a kid to struggle between what’s right from wrong. Terrible twos is when a kid begins throwing tantrums and have conflicting behavior. Also, their favorite word is NO. At this age parents should teach their kid how to listen and stop doing the same mistakes. If doing this at a young age, they’ll grow into a well mannered person. In addition, a two year old kid will also begin to draw on the wall with their crayons, breaking things, running around the house, and making a mess with their toys or food. It may be hard for some parents to start disciplining their child, because it may seem that they’re too young, however it will start to become a second nature habit for the kids because they’ll know what not to do. As young as possible disciplining a child will result into a stable, respectful, and having a good moral character.

When I was just a child, mainly my elementary years, I wasn’t a horrible kid but I wasn’t great either. For example, when my report card comes in the mail, my mom would be the first person to look at my grades. I knew that my grades wouldn’t please my mom, but at a young age I didn’t care. However, my mom took it in her hands to teach me a valuable lesson. My report card would contain mostly C’s and D’s but never A’s. The reason to this was that I used to consume most of my time only watch T.V. and playing video games on my xbox. My punishment wasn’t getting whooped with a belt, but rather getting disciplined by my mom by her disconnecting the internet, grounding me, and taking away my T.V. and xbox. My mom took away all my privileges, so that I can be taught a lesson so that she can prove her point. My mom’s point of view is to teach me a valid lecture to not spend too much time on my electronics, but spend more time on my homework. However, my point of view was the opposite because I felt like it was the end of the world for me. I was grounded until my mom saw A’s and B’s on my second report card. Many years later, as I mature into my teenage years, I now understand my mom’s point of view on why she would discipline me. My mom taught me how to make good decisions, know limitations, and the difference between moral sense. Now I am a brilliant high school student that spends more time on my homework and barely any time on my phone and social media. I appreciate that my mom disciplined me at a young age, because I turned out to be well mannered, but if my mom hadn’t disciplined me I would’ve been an isolated kid that would’ve had behavioral problems.

Overall, there are many solutions on how to discipline a child. Disciplining shouldn’t be corporal punishment but rather teaching a valid lesson. Parents should set boundaries and rules for their kids so that they can understand moral sense of what’s going on around them. A parent’s job is a complex responsibility. A way a parent raises their children will lead to how the child turns out in the near future.

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