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The Importance of Communication Skills

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Communication is the key to professionalism; the reason why communication is the key to professionalism is that ever since I have been introduced to the world outside of high school, I have been forced to develop my communication skills. At first, I was confused as to why that is important. In fact, I began to question the importance of the way I deliver my message – which shouldn’t be important as long as I get to the point right? I was dead wrong. Communication is important, regardless of the industry you are in. Whether that would be the engineering industry, the business industry, or the superhero industry; if that is a thing.

Delivering your message in a professional tone is necessary in order to reduce misinterpretation. Personally, I would consider professional communication as a way of delivering your message in an efficient and competent way. Communication consists of three common elements people seem to overlook; body language, attitude, and interpretation. Those three elements, if used correctly, would enable the common man to set an impression and deliver a message efficiently with their dignity intact. Unfortunately, in order for “the common man” to set an impression and deliver a message efficiently, they may have to train for those skills for some time.

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Communication will surely allow me, “the common man” to do so. I expect myself to be trained in skills to enable the delivery of my messages to be efficient and impression worthy, that said, I may have to rely on you for guidance. I expect my instructor to be an open book, in terms of their course. A communication professor should walk into a classroom or a lecture hall with the intentions of delivering their own experiences with communication in the various work fields they have been a part of.

Fortunately, you display an excellent amount of character along with the pure motive to share your experiences, which is very much appreciated. Along with guidance, learning how to communicate involves being involved: Speaking in group discussions, working with various groups, attempting and succeeding the completion of assignments. I plan to involve myself in ways to leave as more than just “the common man”, but a student with a part of myself striving to guide others on their journey with communication. Communication is regarded by many students as an easy course. I believe nothing is easy as long as you try your best, and it should be like that. If every literate individual considered COMM to be an easy course, not very many people would learn. I wish to explore communication and end this semester as more than just “the common man”.

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