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The Importance Of Effective Communication Skills And The Ways To Improve Them

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Nowadays, communication is a really important skills that everyone should practice in their life. However, there are still some young people in this world that are thinking communication is not part of their business and something that they do not care about at all. Firstly, what is communication? Communication is one of the way for people to deliver their thoughts, explain their opinions by talking or put it into word. There are many ways for us to communicate with each other which is through oral, written, visually or non-verbally. These ways of communication will allow you to communicate more effectively and efficiently with another person. As we know, all communication have their own value and consists of message which is important. The message that is delivered could be in form of information, a feeling, an opinion, an idea or in any other form such as a photographs, drawing or even a chart. Graphics such as photographs and illustration surely will attract your audience in paying attention to your presentation. It is also will be one of the best way for you to transfer your idea. Communication too can only happens when there is understanding between the informer and receiver during the process. Action such as gestures, eye contact, voice and expressions play a vital role in high communicative potential between the person that are communicating.

Next, developing your communication skills can help you in improving your quality of life. The ability to communicate fluently and clearly is a vital life skill that everyone should develop in theirselves and it is not something that we should ignore. It is also something that we should not be ashamed of if we do not have the skills for it because every single soul that was born in this world are not the same. Even for people who were born for it still have to sharpen their skills in improving theirselves. Do not be afraid to learn something new moreover that something new will give you the benefits from it and by doing so, you may find your own life and keep striving in reaching your goals. There are many things in our life that involved in communication especially in the professional or career world. There are many skills that the employers looks for an employee such as they are looking for a person with the high ability to speak confidently and clearly in explaining his or her idea while maintaining a good eye contact with the audience with a loud and clear voice to attract your audience in listening to your idea and take consideration from it. By doing a good job, your chance in getting the work you want will be higher than the ones that is wiser than you.

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Good communication skills also will improve your social relationships in your personal life by helping you to understand other without any problem. Communication also has a responsibility in strengthen the bond especially those in a big family. Big mistakes also will be prevent from occurring because of the effective communication between the family members. By having a good communication skills, surely it will help you to ease the conversation for it to run smoothly and ensure you to deliver your point clearly and calmly especially when it comes to something serious. It is undeniable that having a good communication skills can improve the way you getting through your life and smoothing your way to communicate with each other. Some people seem to understand how to communicate even without trying such as be able to tailor their language and message to the audience without any problems. Unfortunately, there are also people who have been facing a hard time to make it through. For people who finds it hard to communicate well with others must find the ways to overcome your problems that makes you feel insecure about and solve it as soon as possible so that it can be prevented at an early stage.

In communication, there are two common types of communication that are used by people which is verbal communication and non-verbal communication. Verbal communication is a type of communication that focus more on speaking communication. As an example, to make a disability person who was deaf understand what we were saying, we must learn and use the sign language that has been set apart for them so that they get the information that we were trying to convey. In communication, getting feedback also are really important in verbal communication to get more information based on what they understand. For non-verbal communication, it includes our gesture, facial expression, body language, tone of voice and even our appearance. Another important element in communicating is listening. Without listening, the communication can be misleading and the messages also will be misunderstood because both of the person who were communicating are selfish and only want people to use or listen to their idea. There are other communication skills that we must practice such as writing skills. In writing, it can be an advantage for people who does not have the skills in communicating face to face because they are more comfortable in conveying their feelings through their writing rather than through words. By doing that, maybe the information they want to deliver will be more concise and they will be more confidence in throwing their opinion.

In conclusion, communication skills plays a big role in guiding our life to a better life. With communication, we can develop a healthy relationship between each other because of the effective communication. It is one skill which not only helps us in becoming successful in our professional life but also in our personal life in dealing with people, understanding them and solving problems. Lastly, to improve your skills, you must grab every opportunity such as participate in public speaking or debate so that you can get used to speak in front of people confidently and smoothly.

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