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The Importance Of Failure In Human's Life

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Failure is a feather of any fighter. Without any experience of falling, a flying man cannot call himself flying. Everyone of us already failed at something, be it as simple as failing to hit a high note during a school musical play, or as frustrating as failing to close a business deal and failure to achieve promotion, everyone of us have experienced our own taste of failure. And yes, since everyone fails on something, I can accept a medicine as bitter as failure. If I stumble and fall on my knees, I would accept my wounds and learn from it. Now, if you would ask me for a stronger antiseptic than a 70% alcohol, I would tell you it’s acceptance. Not trying again is not an option. Surrendering is never a choice.

Fear of failure leads to a distortion of your perceptions. How does it do it? First, failure makes the same goal appear more unattainable. However, if we are to use a fine-tooth comb, the goal was unmoved, hence, how did it become unattainable? The answer is because your perceptions have been greatly changed. Failure also makes you doubt your abilities and make you believe that you’re helpless. This increases your performance anxiety and instill inferiority complex to you. Fear of failing creates a psychological feeling of pressure to succeed, which increases performance anxiety. Hence, overthinking should not overpower your understanding of your abilities.

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Simply put, fear of failure makes you do two things: overthink of your weakness, and underestimate your strength. And since I have presented you the negative impacts of fear of failure, i’m sure you all are asking: how can we cope with this psychological fear? Psychologically, focusing on variables in control is the healthiest response to failure. What aspects are in your control? What aspects are out of your control? Now, start by knowing how can these aspects be improved. Improving skill sets, planning, and relationships are few of the many things that help us turn our weakness into strength. Now, focus solely on what variables are in your control. This will help you overcome your inferiority and eradicate the feeling of helplessness and demoralisation. This way, you will be motivated to try again, minimizing your chances of failure, thus increasing the likelihood of your success.

All things must be done properly. Hence, we strive to avoid and not to repeat the same mistakes we previously committed. Looking forward in any situation, trying out different strategies will serve as a principal key to all doors of success.

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