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The Importance of Hospitality in the Tourism Industry

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When visiting new places while traveling, we always strive for a hospitable welcome, comfortable environment, silence, relaxation and, of course, entertainment. So, what is meant by the word ‘hospitality’?

The word ‘hospitality’ is taken from the term ‘hospice’, meaning a house of rest for pilgrims during medieval times. Hospitality may be defined as the reception of guest and catering to their needs and expectations, these may include food, beverage, lodging, and transportation, activities/entertainment, shopping and supporting services. Hospitality entails a mixture of tangible and intangible factors that include the behaviors of employees and make available for guest’s security, psychological and physiological comfort.

Nowadays, people love to travel and this is one of the reasons that hospitality industry has developed. Sometimes, people visit the resorts or hotels and they enjoy their vacation only at the hotels or resorts instead of visiting other popular places around the hotels. This explains that they just want to take a long rest in the hotel. Because of this reason, they visit the hotel that includes several restaurants and nice facilities that they can use such as swimming pool, spa, and gym. When people visit the hotel, they buy services from the hotel. Sometimes they are satisfied and enjoy their time, but not all the time. This is because each hotel has different employees and style. There are numerous brand hotels, but most people prefer Hilton, Hyatt, and Marriott. In addition, people expect to get better services in a brand hotel because most of the time, they pay a high price for the room and they want to get a high quality of services. Last summer, my family was planning to go on a vacation and we decided to stay in Hilton spa resort. This is because Hilton is a brand hotel and we knew that even if we pay a lot, we can be satisfied with their services and have unforgettable memories.

The hospitality industry itself is much bigger, and it includes lodging, theme parks, and cruise line among others. Around the world, the hospitality industry has recorded the fastest growth compared to other industries for the same period. The main reason has been more people have more money to spend, companies are spending more on the employees in entertainment and on the other side it is one of the most lucrative investment fields for many investors.

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Hospitality sector comprises of various smaller sectors, for instance restaurants, hotels, accommodation, holiday and theme parks, transportation, event management and most importantly, travel and tourism services.

The hospitality culture is a very significant issue these days. Companies are competing with each other in the service quality more than anything else. Hospitality industries must think of offering good and satisfactory products for the customers. Managers should be hired with excellent service attitude. The training process should focus and emphasize the service culture in the organization.

More hospitality management positions are being taken by graduates of hospitality management programs than ever before. The holders of degrees in hospitality management think of themselves as professionals entering the profession of hospitality management. Professionals require specialized knowledge and skills, continuing education within the profession, and must be good for the community and society.

Hospitality involves friendly treatment of guests or tourists and is a very important sector in the tourism industry. Understanding consumer behavior is very crucial towards making decisions about marketing of tourism products and activities. In order to optimize the marketing activity, and thus fully benefit from the tourism industry, it is necessary to understand how consumers make their decisions and the factors that affect the decision making by the tourists.

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