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The Importance of Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle to Prevent Heart Disease

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Death is a thought that a majority of people are afraid of and nobody really knows what is going be the cause of death for them. That is why it is always good to get a yearly check up with a physician to make sure that you are healthy in order to try to avoid the leading causes of death in America. The top three causes of deaths in America are heart disease, cancer, and accidents (National Center for Health Statistics, 2017). This paper will focus on heart disease and two groups (age, gender, living area, etc.), that are affected by this cause of death and will go into detail about the differences in the groups. Two health disparities that are associated with this disease are gender and race (Heart Disease Facts & Statistics, 2017). In every disease there are a group of people that get affected more than others because of their gender, race or age. This is because of their living areas and where they were born or because it is just more common in a specific race or gender because of their ancestors or biologically.

All diseases can affect people differently especially genders, men and women may have different symptoms but the same disease (Gender Differences and Heart Disease, 2012). It is always best to make sure that no matter what the disease is to catch it early that way it can be treated easily and quickly. The longer one waits to be checked for a disease the harder it will be for the doctors to find an easy treatment for it. Two of the social determinates of health for heart disease are food and addiction, because one must maintain a healthy life style to avoid health problems in the future (Heart Disease Facts & Statistics, 2017). Obesity and excessive use of alcohol and smoking are risk factors that can lead to having heart problems such as a heart attack (Heart Disease Facts & Statistics, 2017). Obesity can be a risk factor to many different types of diseases because being obese is unhealthy causing your immune system to become weak. America has big population of people who are obese and is major problem in the United States. Addiction to alcohol or smoking cause people to become at higher risk because both substances affect the heart. The heart controls the majority of the body that is why it is so important to maintain a healthy life style to avoid any complications.

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A great way to avoid the heart disease in both genders is to maintain a healthy life style and to go to the yearly physician checkup. According to a credible health website called ‘Next Avenue’ in order to avoid heart disease is to try to maintain a low blood pressure, quit smoking, get checked for diabetes, and workout (Gender Differences and Heart Disease, 2012). Maintaining a healthy life style will not only keep one from getting heart disease but it will also make the immune system to fight off bad bacteria and other dangerous diseases. A solution for reducing the heart disease in men and women is to maintain a healthy life style. Going to the gym at least 3 times a week, eating healthy foods, avoiding stress and going to a yearly doctor checkup is good routine to do in order to maintain a healthy life style and become lower at risk for heart disease. Choosing a healthy life style is not something that can be forced on to someone. Best way to reach all men and women to follow a routine is through commercial play and becoming educated at school.

Two bio-ethical principles that are related to the proposed solution for reducing heart disease in gender are autonomy and beneficence (Harrison [PowerPoint Slides], 2019). These two bio ethical principles were chosen because the individual will decide for themselves if they want to live a healthy life style and follow the routine that was proposed, and it is a solution that will benefit them later on in life. Following the routine that was proposed could possibly extend their life time because many people who live long were able to do so because of living healthy. Living healthy is a chose and is an option for everyone because they have to make healthy decisions on their own.

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