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The Importance of Mass Communication on the Example of the Watergate Scandal

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Nowadays, when you are thinking about the relationship between these two words, the first sense that flash in your head is probably President Trump and Twitter. The man who posts all the thoughts and decisions on twitter, even faster than ‘Fake News Company’ CNN reporters. Lots of people nowadays are saying that the media and the news company are the fourth power of the politicians, in my opinion, it is partly true.

The TV show presented by Netflix, also shows the deep games and chaotic relationships between the politicians. Just a short background, the play tells the story of a cold-blooded and ruthless US congressman and his ambitious wife working in the White House, Francis Underwood is the whip of the majority party in the U.S. House of Representatives and a scheming professional politician. He firmly believes the newly-elected U.S. president and his staff have betrayed him, that promised him he would become the new vice-president, but actually chose another one. The first thing he did for his revenge is not either raising the money or showing his ambition right away, he pretended he is still on the president’s side and loyal to him. Then he found a female newswoman that is easy to be controlled – Zoe Barnes, a rookie reporter in Washington News, who wants to write some reports in deep but got stuck by the company’s strict rule. Anyway, his assistant Doug found an editorial in a school newspaper. The inappropriate remarks about Israel in the article were easily misunderstood as opposed to the US-Israel alliance, and the nominee of the Vice President of the United States Michael Cohen was the editor at the time. This reminded Frank of his plan to let Cohen step down. By using Media and news power, which means using the power to make the event bigger and more serious, he successfully defeated the nominee of the VP of the U.S. Although this is just an example of the TV show, in fact, it is rewritten by a true story. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton officially stepped down and the new Secretary of State Kerry announced his inauguration. After Obama was re-elected, the first press conference made it clear that he hoped that the former ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice would succeed Hillary Clinton as the new secretary of state. The strong opposition. Because in an interview with five television stations on September 16, 2012, Rice said that the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Libya on September, 11 was caused by local demonstrations. However, after being dug up by the media, it was discovered that it was actually An organized and premeditated terrorist attack. Therefore, Rice was suspected of misleading the public. After being fiercely attacked by the media and congressmen, Rice declared that she had given up seeking the post of Secretary of State, and Congressman Kerry successfully became the new Secretary of State. After serving the side dish — a short introduction about how media plays an important role in the game, now is the actual meal – Watergate Scandal.

The Watergate incident or the Watergate scandal is one of the most disgraceful political scandals in American history. It has a long-term impact on American history and the entire international press. In the 1972 presidential election, in order to obtain intelligence on the Democratic Party’s internal campaign strategy, on June 17, 1972, five people led by James McCord, the chief security advisor of the Nixon campaign team of the United States, sneaked into the Watergate Building in Washington. The office of the Democratic National Committee was arrested on the spot while installing a wiretap and secretly photographing relevant documents. Because of this, Nixon announced on August 8, 1974 that he would resign the next day, thus becoming the first president in American history to resign due to a scandal.

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Although Nixon and his Republican leadership repeatedly denied that they had ‘eavesdropped’ on the insider of the Democratic campaign, they were eventually followed up by reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein of the Washington Post in 1974. The story of this incident was presented to the world on August 8, 2005. It can be said that this kind of behavior of ‘stealing chickens and losing rice’ has deeply caused a sensation in the United States and the world. The revelation and development of this incident depended on the untiring excavation of the Washington Post, the struggle of American power groups, and the participation of the U.S. Congress and the judiciary.

As far as initiative is concerned, any incident must first appear before it occurs, and good news media generally catch clues, which means that the staff of the news media or the entire organization will take the initiative to dig out the back of the incident. The inside story. Stilson Hutchins founded the most distinctive newspaper in the United States, the Washington Post, in the 1870s. In 1933, Eugene Meyer bought it and formulated several guiding principles: the primary mission of a newspaper is to report as far as possible the facts that can be confirmed; a newspaper should report all the facts that it can understand about major events in the United States and the world; as a disseminator of the news, the newspaper should obey ordinary gentlemen Etiquette followed. Although not every news company follow the rules, but it is still the essence of the news companies.

The ‘Watergate Incident’ that occurred on June 17, 1972 was originally to be treated as a ‘third-rate theft.’ Nixon also strongly denied any connection with this incident. Coupled with the fact that the United States was busy ending the Vietnam War, the president’s second inauguration and other major events that attracted people’s attention, the ‘Watergate Incident’ did not initially attract the attention of voters, so that Nixon was able to run for re-election. But because reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein of The Washington Post always believed that this incident was not a simple theft, they were trying to obtain information from the then editor-in-chief Simmons and the post owner Gray After Ms. Um’s support, the whole incident was followed up and analyzed for several months. Of course, they have also been helped by those ‘deep throats’, who hold state secrets. It can be said that the Washington Post interviewed and consulted people from different departments and classes in order to clarify the ins and outs of the entire incident. So that the authenticity of the report content is beyond doubt. In other words, “without the courage and persistence of the two reporters and publishers of the Washington Post, these deceptions may never be exposed”.

Let me summary this event and the topic in the field of media studies. Through this incident, we have realized the importance of mass communication, the speed of communication, and the communication between people and society. I also saw the role of mass communication in life.

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