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The Importance Of Mechanical Engineering And My Successes In This Field

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It might sound weird, but I don’t mind having my hands full of grease and lube. To some people, even the idea of it might be reluctant, but I believe it’s essential to make gears spin and engage within each other. Similarly, I believe Mechanical Engineering is the base of the community where we live as it helps us engage with our surroundings more smoothly.

My passion for the subject was born thanks to the TV show “MythBusters”, a program where five engineers attempt to debunk urban legends and myths everyone takes to be true. Thanks to their mechanical knowledge, research, and ingenuity they manage to contradict popular beliefs. My passion then developed due to the fictional character of Tony Stark, a mechanical Engineer who developed and built himself a smart mechanical armour and soon denoted himself, iron Man. In both cases, audacity and curiosity are key and I believe that is what you need to be able to design and build some insane mechanical projects.

Nothing is better than the smell of petrol, the sound of an engine rumbling and the sensation of a perfect change in gear using the manual transmission. But what’s better is the undeniable satisfaction when you design a project and it gets “Alive”, ready to be somehow useful to the community, providing another gear to my first analogy.

The experience I have acquired studying Maths, Physics and Further maths as my A-levels has taught me so far various skills, and theoretical knowledge I believe would be immensely useful while studying this course at University. The most fascinating yet challenging subject for me is Physics as it requires a large amount of independent research and devotion to the subject. I enjoyed the kinematics section as it just triggered me how simple laws and not too complicated formulas, all derived by one and the whole concept of movement could describe and predict the motion. Further maths, on the other hand, is just maths applied to the real world and it has helped me organising and scheduling events thanks to the discrete section. Exploring each topic in all my subjects, scrupulously and diligently, made we wonder different ways how to approach problems and solve them, making me extremely curious and ambitious, seeking for the challenge of being independent.

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The opportunity to do work experience in a family friend garage/car sale gave me a wider knowledge of the working environment, both financial and practical sides. I had the opportunity to observe workers trying to repair cars and then help them too disabling and mounting back engines. Every time I came back home from the workplace with two things hard to remove: dirt from my clothes and an enthusiastic smile, full of amazement, from my face.

By taking part of NCS during the summer of 2019, and winning an award for the “physicist of the year” in year 11, improved drastically my organisation, communication and leadership skills as I had to listen and discuss various topics wit specialist in the field. Furthermore, by practising team sports such as football or more individual ones such as swimming and Judo boosted both my ability to work on a team and self-management.

In my free time, I love to cruise around with my longboard, read books and listen to a discussion on TV programs as the curiosity of knowing and being able to express it always pushes and guide me to go forward. By doing some researches and also thanks to electronic I have done for my GCSEs I managed to build and install an electric motor on my longboard. Among my friend I am the one, they are coming to when they need any repairs on bicycles and scooters.

I believe the course of mechanical engineering will bring me in new parts of the world, therefore I believe learning new languages, besides giving you an elastic mind thinking from language to another one about the same problem, also gives you a better opportunity in life. English isn’t my first language as I have studied most of my life so far in Italy, but I love to think in different languages, allowing me to approach a situation in different ways.

Day by day, mechanical engineering develops, and so it’s the surrounding with it. Engineers working in this field have to make sure everything works smoother and in a safe way; this by being the grease between the gears that spin our world.

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