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The Importance of Punctuality and Work Ethic as a Military Prep Student and Future Employee

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In this essay we will discuss punctuality and work ethic as a military prep student and future employee. Some of the questions I will talk about will include why punctuality is essential to course and work, what affects dose tardiness have on your reputation and productivity of your team, what are some consequences of not being on time, why you should be hired if you unreliable and what is our strategy to be on time and give 100%.

The definition of punctuality is the action of being on time. Punctuality revolves around responsibility, commitment, and the seriousness with which you take. Punctuality is a necessity for success, it’s crucial in courses, in work, and in general life itself. When you’re punctual it gives offs a good impression, it shows you’re a good student and will surely get you far in life. An irresponsible student who is never on time most likely won’t be taken seriously, won’t have as many privileges and won’t get noticed like a punctual student.

In the workplace punctuality is everything. Your boss will expect 100% of you, punctuality included. To be respected, you need to be reliable, committed, hardworking. You need to be, among other things, punctual. What is to be expected of you if you’re always late? It’ll seem like you don’t care about your job, like you’re asking to get fired.

If you can be punctual despite obstacles, you implicitly acknowledge that you value other peoples’ limited time. Getting to a meeting or appointment on time shows that it’s important to you, and something for which you’ve planned. Being late all the time, on the other hand, sends the message that whatever you’re doing is simply more important than the task at hand—and that your time is more valuable than everyone else’s.

Your team members want to know that they can trust you to get the job done—and being punctual is an easy way to demonstrate that you can. It inspires a sense of trust and indicates that you’re organized, responsible, and in control of your time. flying down the hallway, showing up breathless to a meeting, then fumbling for your papers and notes gives an impression of chaos and disorder—not exactly the message you want to send. You know how stressful being late can be. But constantly rushing and scrambling to catch up not only makes you feel lousy—it also makes everyone around you anxious and uncomfortable.

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A student who often comes in long after others have begun working is disrespecting both his team members and the teachers. Further, if the student who is late needs to be there for a project to begin, everyone on the team is held up. Bottlenecking means one employee’s tardiness slows work for everyone.

If the teacher doesn’t stop the tardiness, other students will grow dissatisfied. It’s not fair that they show up on time and are considerate of others on their team while late students get to forget the rules without getting punished. As a result of the growing dissatisfaction, rifts can develop among students and morale can decrease. Team spirit will disappear, and meaningful team work will become more difficult.

Part of being disciplined, is being on time. Also, in the military, time is money if we’re late, tasks might need to be cancelled and training funds can be lost. Individuals who are late can expect to be talked to immediately, counselled in writing, and possible lead to if it is chronic and affects the task. Students who are late reflects really poorly on the leaders and teachers. Being late can have serious consequences especially if an individual in affecting other team members and the task at hand resulting in corrective training for everyone.

The point of having a job is to enjoy your work and to develop skills, the point of a pay rise is because you are excelling in your line of work, and are meeting the standards of your work barrier. The point of someone hiring you is to make the company better, and give the company a good name. if you do not make these deadlines or if you do not meet the requirements then there is no point in you having that job. If you are unreliable and do not turn up, or turn up late then that is your fault. Your job is your commitment so you must meet with the standards and accept the consequences if you do not.

A strategy to being on time to course, or to a job is to set an alarm getting and getting up early and making the effort to be there and get things done. Giving 100% in doing something you choose to do makes a lot of sense to me, because if not then it’s a waste of time, and the instructors time because if you are not willing to put in time and effort there is no point in being there and having no purpose. Another strategy is to focus on the team and not yourself, in this course it is highly important that you do this in fact if you don’t there is no team. “there is no I in team”. By making it a group goal, you increase your collective focus and prevent backsliding. Also check that your team members know how to break larger projects up into smaller tasks that can be accomplished in the amount of time you’ve set aside for strategic work each day. Talk to your team about what you’re doing and why, Morgenstern recommends, and if one of your strategies isn’t working, admit it, try something different, and move on. Show that you’re committed to making a change both individually and as a group. Also communicating with your team and instructor will make things work and will bring the team together and help people that are behind or haven’t heard instructions.

In conclusion, I have learnt my lesson. It will work better if we all work together instead of getting angry with each other. Embracing the military mind set will help me get into the army or air force which is why I joined this course, or will at least give me an idea of working as a team to get the job done and relying on your team mates for support and help when in need.

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