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The Importance of Support to People with Schizophrenia

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Schizophrenia is a mental ailment which is marked by hallucinations, delusions, and related health issues. In most cases, it makes its foray during the early adult phase or late adolescent stage of the life of the patient. It could last for the entire duration of life and afflicts about one percent of the entire population. The male patients usually reflect the signals and symptoms of this ailment at an age younger than females do. At times, this affliction may take years to develop into a full blown stage when it can be properly diagnosed. The patient may not even be aware of this malady for a long time. At other times, however, it may come by in a quick and sudden manner. Schizophrenics have to depend on their friends or family for support since they may not be able to fend for their own selves (Nordqvist, 2017).

The symptoms for this disease are categorized into four sub-groups. The first are the positive ones, also referred to as psychotic symptoms. The second are negative in nature and include a withdrawal from motivating factors and lack of expressions (facial). Cognitive symptoms, the third in this list, have a direct influence on the thinking of the individual and include lack of the power to focus. The last category is emotional symptoms which include blunted emotional renditions et al. Schizophrenic patients may be able to lead near-normal lives if they follow proper treatment plans. A combination of medication, self-help strategies, and psychological counseling is usually used for such patients. The use of anti-psychosis drugs has changed the treatment scenario for this ailment. A good many numbers of patients are now able to live within their communities and not be relegated into hospitals or healthcare units. Drugs like Risperidone, Olanzapine, Quetiapine, Ziprasidone, Clozapine, and Haloperidol are utilized for schizophrenia treatment. However, in almost all cases the drugs have to be taken even if the symptoms of the ailment disappear. This is a must to prevent them from recurring. It is also a necessity that the kith and kin and friends of such patients provide them full support and strength so that they are able to cope up with this illness (Nordqvist, 2017).

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Schizophrenia is a serious malady to contend with and it may make people behave in an abnormal fashion. They tend to live life in a cocoon without thinking in realistic or practical terms at times. They may think of committing suicide or harming themselves as well and this is a nuance which their family and well-wishers needs to constantly think about and monitor. Schizophrenics may not respond to situations and events in a normal manner and may think of out-of-the-box eventualities which cause problems to not just them but also to the people around them. It is highly advisable for those in their support system to develop a sense of understanding about this disease and inculcate a feeling of belonging and happiness in their lives. The ethical parameters of this disease call upon all members of society to help out such patients in living a life as normal as is possible for them to. It is our moral duty to talk to a person and refer him or her to a specialist if he or she exhibits symptoms of schizophrenia but is not aware of the condition. It is also best to call up 911 or the local emergency number and ask for help if you come across a schizophrenic who is exhibiting uncontrollable symptoms (“Schizophrenia”).

Every town, district, and state has certain self-help groups which help schizophrenics deal with their situation and come to terms with it. It is in the viable interests of society at large to guide those who may be suffering from this ailment to professionals who will help them cope with this debilitating disorder which can overtake their and the lives of their loved ones. Since this ailment afflicts a person for the entire life, it is highly advisable to approach the correct people who can determine what exactly should be done to keep the symptoms in check and to prevent any avoidable health episodes from taking place.


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