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The Importance Of Youth Sports

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Whether it is in our backyard or in some sort of organized league most people played youth sports growing up. They helped create some amazing friendships and memories that we will always cherish. They also were the foundation of lots of healthy habits we still have today. Youth sports should be played because they are a great way to stay healthy while having fun and teaching lifelong lessons.

One of the biggest reason’s youth sports should be played is because of the great health benefits one gets from them. According to CNN a study done in 2012 showed that “team sports may be better at keeping kids’ weight down than biking or walking to school.” (Wadas-Willingham). This alone shows just how important youth sports are. This not only makes one healthier, but sports can also show some amazing exercises that can be helpful through life. Some examples of things you can learn are simple stretches to avoid injuries later in life. A second example of health benefits provided by youth sports comes from an article written by Mary L. Gavin which states that by parents showing a love for physical activity it can “can set healthy patterns that will last into adulthood” (Motivating). This means that youth sports will not only get you in shape but will also help maintain that healthiness throughout one’s lifetime. This can be helpful because staying active in adulthood can help prevent type 2 diabetes which one gets from being inactive. Lastly, a third health benefit that youth sports can provide is a mental one known as teamwork. As The Social and Academic Benefits of Team Sports states “working with teammates teaches athletes important life skills such as to respect one another, act in unselfish ways, make good decisions on behalf of the team, and not cut corners” (Maslen). The skills that teamwork list are all skills that are used in everyday life by successful people. By learning these simple skills, one will already be more prepared for when they go on with life after sports. Youth sports provide health and many other benefits that can be applied wherever one goes.

A second reason youth sports should be played is it gives kids confidents while having fun. According to USMC “Seeing their hard work pay off has a positive impact on self-esteem” (5). By kids seeing hard work pay off they begin to establish a good work ethic. Not only would the kids work harder, but they might win or make a big play which will give them confidence. One reason that this is important is that The Social and Academic Benefits of Team Sports states that “youth who play sports have higher levels of social support” (Maslen). So even if a kid lacks in confidence playing sports will make them fell as if they have someone to talk to so that they can help them in feeling confident again. Both of these things will not only have a positive impact on the field, but it could also have an impact of the field in places such as school. One of the best things is that while the kids are learning these life lessons they are also having fun. While one might forget the name of a friend in 4th grade, the memory of scoring the game winning touchdown in a big game is one that will never vanish. Moments like this are an example of memories that will last a lifetime. As a kid feels more confident they will be able to be more social in other places. Playing youth sports will help them communicate and express themselves more freely as they will be doing it without thinking in places such as the locker room or out on the field and practice. Kids who do not play youth sports may not be as confident, expressively, and hard working as kids who do play them.

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One final benefit from playing youth sports that is often overlooked by lots of people is time management skills. While one plays sports as a kid one thing that can be stressful is having to deal with school and practice at the same time. Because of this lots of young athletes can manage their time wisely. Any young athlete will tell you how important it is to be at practice on time because there are punishments for being late. This reflects to sports teaching skills needed in the workforce. They will also tell you how very second matters in a game, because one never knows what might happen. According to Paige Maslen’s article “careful planning and precision helps athletes focus on reaching their goals sooner than non-athletes” (Maslen). Nonstudent athletes may not be used to having to manage time efficiently quiet as often as any young athlete will have to.

One thing that lots of concerning parents worry about is the safety of youth sports. According to The Washington Times “The benefits of organized contact sports on childhood and adolescent far outweigh the risks, given the available medical data” (Weighing). Injuries involving sports have always been a big debate. Over the years lots of movies such as concussion have been made reflecting sports as a bad thing. When in reality sports are a lot safer than what people make them out to be. One of the biggest injuries that people are concerned about are concussions. With newer technology and correct technique they can easily be avoidable. Especially now that safety has become a focus point among coaches and athletes. One of the first things one learns while beginning youth sports is how to stay safe. One thing that parents need to realize is that a lot of the injuries that come from sports come from a dirty play. While the player that made the dirty move might get flagged the injured player is usually pressured to stay in the game by his environment. One way that this can be preventable is by the parents telling the coach to check up on them before they go back in. Another thing that parents do not realize is that a lot of the injuries shown and talked about are sustained at much older and professional leagues than youth leagues. So, all the parents that are concerned about youth sports need to realize that sports will only get safer but will still have all the positive benefits.

Youth sports should be played because of the many benefits they help provide. Playing sports will be one of the healthiest things anyone can do growing up. One will also get a great work ethic from playing youth sports. With all the fun that comes with youth sports also comes lots of positive character and personality traits. Another useful thing learned is how to manage time properly and efficiently. While everyone is worried about the safety of youth sports, they need to realize that they will always be safe. Safety for the players is the number one priority of everyone involved in sports. The only negative thing from playing youth sports is whenever it ends. So, if ones kid ever want to play youth sports while growing up let them, it will be one of the best parts of their life.

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