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The Importance To Teach Parents About Vaccination

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My pathway is Health Science and I am in the CMA program in my school. I have learned a lot about different difficulties in the medical field in my pathway. One that I have observed involves children getting sick because their parents are not getting them vaccinated. They don’t understand the position of each injection. I believe parents need to understand that vaccines are important because they keep people safe from sickness. If a parent decides they don’t want to have their kids vaccinated, though it’s their choice, this will cause their child to have a high danger of getting sick. The answer to this problem is that we teach parents on vaccines and make them mandatory.

Parents believe vaccination do more harm than good. I researched this problem because of hearing different experiences. During the flu season, I would hear people say how the flu shot got them sick. This will then result in people never getting the vaccine again because of this. This cause people to believe vaccines are not helping, only getting people sick. They believe this because of the symptoms it might cause each individual. They think you can become sick with the disease when receiving the injections. The symptoms you can get from the injections are lenient. For instance, side effects may contain high temperature, muscle weakness, and discomfort. Most individuals will not encounter any of these side effects with the injection. When creating the vaccines, it is made with a frail form of the bug, so you can’t get sick by the vaccine. The vaccination is especially important for infants. Their immune systems are not entirely established because they haven’t experienced different microorganisms. It’s important to get the injections on the suggested agenda. Newborns, especially because it will then shape their immune system.

The resolution to the situation is to have the required injection towards newborns. It less possible for a child to catch an infection if everyone is protected by the vaccine. It’s important to notify and teach people about how vaccines operate and how significant they are to us. They should inform people that a baby’s vaccine is to avoid sicknesses in the future. Which is important because these diseases can be fatal. Some examples of these diseases are the measles which can lead to your brain to swell up, meningitis can cause a permanent hearing problem or brain injury. The injection is used to help stop us from coming across each one and spreading them. For this resolution to work, the children must all obtain the injections. We must inform the parent’s the specifics about each vaccine. We can clarify that the vaccine is to benefit the body by the repetition attacking the disease. Through assembling antibodies that identify that detailed germ. When your body is exposed to this germ, the antibodies already recognize it. The body recognizes how to fight it off now. That’s how an individual is able to build their immune system. We must be able to have communication skill to get this information across. Instead of getting all your information from unreliable sources talk to your doctors. You should be able to ask a question about these vaccines and understand how significant they are. (,1)

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This will influence our society’s security. This will help decrease the chance of emerging the sickness and passing it to others we interact with. This gives diseases less likelihoods to take hold in a population. The type of people affected are newborns who are not given all their vaccinations. The immunity passed from mom to child at birth is only momentary. It doesn’t include protection against polio, hepatitis B, Hemophiliacs, and additional diseases. We can prevent these disease by vaccination. This will also affect children that have certain medical situations. For instance, if a child has a form of cancer or disease they are not able to obtain the vaccine. They would be too fragile, because of the cancer treatment. (Boulanger,1)

I will use the communication skills that I possess, to notify people. People should be able to ask questions before they decide not to have themselves or child to be injected. Don’t automatically say they are incorrect and be patient with people who don’t have the entire information. Understanding how the vaccine works will help people know why it’s vital to have these vaccinations required. These antibodies help protect you if you ever come face to face with the virus. The antigen is the piece of the disease your body must learn to recognize. This helps the body to fight off an actual attack from the disease. We can educate others and give them more details on how our body is able to do this. The injections are to stop people from getting sick. There are different vaccines that should be given at certain ages and be injected more than once. We should know the timeline of the vaccines to make sure we have all of them at the right time. (,1)

Having mandatory vaccines and educating people will solve this problem in the medical field. Children and others won’t get sick from these disease with this regulation in place. Having this will then give diseases fewer probabilities to take over. When more individuals are vaccinated to the disease, there is a reduced amount of chances for everybody to get ill. It will then spread to the public. If people chose to have all their vaccines it will definitely help our community. If people chose to have all their vaccines it will definitely help our community. Communities rest on more injection rates when you have the vaccine the more avoidable illnesses occur and spread. (,1) To protect more people from getting sick we should consider having vaccinations require as a newborn to adulthood. Having great communications skills will allow this process to happen as well as save the lives of more people undergoing a sickness that could have been prevented.

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