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The Internet in Our Life: Essay

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Before the Internet our only source of information or connection to the rest of the world was the newspaper, television, encyclopedias and books which was not instantly available. From calculators to computers, cars to rockets, we are submerged in a sea of discoveries and inventions made possible by science and technology. The United Nations has declared the Internet a basic human right, so much so that it becomes a human rights violation to take this away (Kravets D & Sandle Tim, 2011). We don’t take notice, but almost all of our daily activities are somewhat dependent and reliant on the Internet to function optimally.

From the time you wake up, you are unconsciously reliant on the Internet in regards to checking the weather, communicating via an electronic or social platform and choosing the best possible route to avoid traffic. Which excludes other amenities like smart houses which have Wi-Fi, IP camera’s, smart devices and other peripherals that enable the Internet of Things.

The Internet has been transformed immensely over the years and with machine learning and artificial intelligence our advancements and break throughs can only get better if we embrace and harness technology to its full extent. The Internet provides a range of benefits and opportunities to empower an individual or business that previously was not possible. It helps develop skills, change mindsets, thinking patterns and boosts confidence. These days you can perform almost any task without having any prior experience by just looking up how-to guides and watching tutorial videos.

A mobile workforce allows virtual workspaces to flourish leveraging of the Internet to communicate via email, plan, schedule and track workloads within an organization, conduct virtual meetings, research and perform a competitor analysis to instantly give us that competitive edge. (Kaplan A, 2010) quotes that decision makers and consultants base their online strategies to focus on profiting off online and social media platforms.

The health care industry has made tremendous improvements in terms of technological advancements and break throughs in the identification and treatment of diseases that could only be made available via online research, studies and platforms. Eysenbach (2001) stated that eHealth encompasses more than technical development and defines the terms and concepts as improved technical development, changing perceptions and attitudes to a global committed thinking network to improve healthcare worldwide by harnessing the developments made in technology.

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Library’s, books and hard copies are slowly becoming a thing of the past in the education sector as the adoption of smart devices, e-learning, online research and apps are rapidly being embraced by the new era of students being produced. This allows teachers, parents and students to effectively communicate, manage, monitor and distribute content instantly and effectively. E-learning is more effective and efficient, than other methods of knowledge delivery. It can adaptive and personalized to meet the end users’ requirements based on a particular need (Yengin et al, 2010).

Banking has transformed and embraced the adoption of digitalization allowing users to transact electronically on almost any electronic device. This increases efficiencies and convenience to pay bills, transfer funds and get statements regardless of the time or day whilst eliminating the painful experience to visit an instore branch and stand in a queue.

E-commerce enables users to view, compare, review and order a product or service at the click of their fingertips and at their own convenience in their comforts of choice. The adoption of the Internet has globally changed the playing field in how businesses operate and trade. It also streamlines their processes and optimizes the existing resources to their full potential whilst developing and enhancing their existing skillset.

The Internet offers you quick and easy accessibility to just about every little fact, a wealth of information and reviews that you would need regardless off, how strange or rare your request may seem.

Summing up, we can say that the Internet today is an indispensable thing in the life of absolutely everyone. And first of all, this can be explained by the benefits that its implementation has given society.

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