The Issue of Child Labour in Bangladesh

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The resources that were chosen are, a book name “CHILD LABOR: A GLOBAL VIEW (A WORLD VIEW OF SOCIAL ISSUES)” written by Cathryne L. Schmitz , Elizabeth KimJin Traver , Desi Larson and the second text is about “CHILD LABOUR IN BANGLADESH: A FORWARD LOOKING POLICY STUDY” posted by International labour office , which is a United Nations agency whose mandate is to advance social and economic justice through setting international labour standards. Lastly, a video on “UNICEF that supported programme aids poor urban children in Bangladesh” posted in Youtube. These resources were used to explore why Bangladesh is common in child labour.

Both text suggested that the most important causes of child labour in Bangladesh is poverty. Based on the first book child labour global view, children are more likely to be in the work force due to their contribution to overall family income in poorer families. In a 2013 statistical report, UNICEF estimates that around 43.3% of the population in Bangladesh is currently living below the international poverty line. Some children are also forced to work for themselves in order to live because no one not take care of them. Based on the video posted by UNICEF, the videos shows that a boy in Bangladesh named Muhammad which is only 12 years old forced to work after his father passes away years ago. He work as a newspaper seller in the morning and help in the train in the afternoon. His mother and siblings depends on him but he only earns 1 US dollar a day this causes him to live in poverty and does not afford to study in school. The two resources are similar as they state that poverty is the causes of them suffering in hunger. Hence they are forced to work for survival of themselves as well as their family members.

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The two media also provided that lack of interest in education also a main reason for children in Bangladesh to work in an early age. Based on the book child labour global view, lots of organizations recognize that education is important to eradicate poverty and preventing child labour but in a 2010 statistical report, UNICEF measured that around 50% of all working children in Bangladesh do not attend school. Although school is free but a lot of them do not have time or resources to attend because their parents feel that the income is more valuable than an education. On the second text, it state that parents are more towards helping their children in ways that will produce visible benefits in the long run. Children are therefore encouraged to work in activities that would not only help develop their skills in specific areas but would also pay them wages to increase their quality of lifestyle. As evidence, In Bangladesh, less than 75% of girls finish their primary education and are send to work since young. The two text both state that the parents feel that sending their children for work and learn the skills is better than sending them to school which doesn’t guarantee their future.

In conclusion, child labour are caused by mainly poverty of the family and lack of interest in the education. As said by Iqbal Masih, a boy who became a symbol of abusive child labour in the developing world “children should have pens in their hands not tools”. Thus, laws on child labour should be tighten in Bangladesh so that all children can have the right as a children to study in school.

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