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The Issue Of Drug Trafficking In The United States

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The drug menace in the United States is a transnational organized crime (TOC) that can be solved only through concerted efforts. Drug abuse in the United States is so prevalent that it affects most households even in the instances where members of a family are not directly involved in peddling or using. Every year, theThe government incursuses a substantial amount of resources in preventing and treating the effects that emanate fromof drug abuse in the country.. The problem persists because Mexico is the source of most drugs. Even thoughAlthough the Mexican government remains resilient in its fight againstfighting the vice, the dire consequences are felt in the USUnited States. Despite the perceived hopelessness, the drug problem, which is a transnational crime, can be solved by stabilizing the Mexican government, enacting strict immigration policies, and incentivizing informants, law enforcers, and even users. Comment by Author: When writing, try to avoid using wordy and unnecessary phrases when a shorter phrase is available. Using a shorter phrase or eliminating unnecessary phrases will make the statement more clear and concise. Comment by Author: Please, mind your choice of transitions. Do not assume that any adverb can start a sentence. Please, review some guidelines on appropriate transitional elements here: Comment by Author: Please, mind word choice and double check meanings. You cannot ‘incur’ resources, maybe costs. However, you can ‘use’ resources. Comment by Author: Avoid wordy and unnecessary phrases. Comment by Author: Please, avoid unnecessary wordiness. Comment by Author: Use clearer transitions. Comment by Author: Try to refine your sentences and avoid wordiness when you can use only one word to communicate messages. Comment by Author: In formal writing, spell out the two words as ‘United States.’ Comment by Author: Redundant word.

Since the drug menace is a transnational crime, the USThe U.S. government can reduce and even prevent the flow of drugs by strengthening the Mexican government’s security system. Drug trafficking is a TOC sincebecause it involves a coordinated network between sellers in Mexico and buyers in the US. As a resultUnited States. Therefore, addressing the problem through increased US-Mexico relations is not as complicated as usually portrayed. Wright (2012) recommends that the USUnited States should support the Mexican government’s effortsgovernment by offering security support. Given the influence of drug cartels in Mexico, assistance from the USU.S. government could be instrumental. Comment by Author: This content is repeated unnecessarily. It undermines the clarity of your topic sentence. Comment by Author: This word is overused in the paper. Comment by Author: In APA style, United States should always be spelled out when it is used as a noun or location. Comment by Author: Avoid vague and redundant adverbs. Comment by Author: Remember to use periods in the abbreviation.

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Positive outcomes could also be realized if the USU.S. government offers incentives to law enforcers and informants. While drug trafficking is blamed on cartels, the crime thrives on corruption and instrumental violence. However, providing different types of rewards to security officers could increase their morale and lead to moreheighten arrests as seen since 2012 where 500,000 people have been arrested at the US-Mexico border and 17,600 lbs. of methamphetamine and 32,600 lbs. of cocaine seized (‘(“Drug traffickingTrafficking”, n. d.). Similarly, rewarding informants could weaken the networks, while incentivizing users can act asbe a deterrent (Tidey, 2012). In other words, the USThe U.S. government should undermine thedrug cartels’ networks of the drug cartels by working with individuals who can beare easily compromisedpersuaded. Comment by Author: This word’s meaning is unclear and unnecessary. Comment by Author: Try to avoid wordiness. Comment by Author: Include a period after lbs. Comment by Author: Use title case for the title in APA in-text citations. Comment by Author: This transitional phrase is awkward and considered informal. Comment by Author: Review such wordy phrases. Comment by Author: Please, mind word choice and use easily understood words and phrases.

In addition, enactingEnacting strict immigration policies is equally importantessential. The free movement practice that was brought about byemerged through globalization tends to workworks to the detriment of the US.United States. People can easily cross from Mexico into the country due tobecause of lenient laws. In fact, Dammer and Albanese (2013) assert that the ease of travel “has enabled criminals to do their work in other countries or easily escape to a safe haven” (p.7). In the case of the USUnited States, drug barons enter and quickly leave after selling the drugs partly due to lackbecause of stringentinadequate security measures. Despite the political emotions that this issue elicits, the relevant authorities should consider enacting strict laws to manage thepeople’s movement of people. Comment by Author: Please, mind wordy phrasal verbs and consider using active voice for enhanced clarity. Comment by Author: Avoid nominalization of words. Nominalizations are nouns created by adding various endings to verbs. Nominalizations often result in words that are long and have abstract meanings. For clarity, use the verb form of the word whenever possible. Comment by Author: Please, use ‘because of’ when modifying verbs and ‘due to’ when modifying nouns. Comment by Author: Avoid obvious and unnecessary content. Comment by Author: Use ‘because of’ here as it is modifying the verb ‘leave.’ Comment by Author: Mind wordy and unnecessary phrases.

The permanent solution to the drug problem in the country lies in therequires collaborative efforts among all the influential partiesmajor stakeholders, including the Mexican authorities, border patrol officers, citizens, and actual drug users. Since the Mexican government is a party topart of this issue, the USU.S. authorities have tomust support it in improving the security system. Incentives should be provided to law enforcers, informants, and drug users with the aim of weakeningto weaken the cartels’ networkssystems. Introducing stricter immigration measuresprocedures will make it hard fordissuade criminals to enterfrom entering or leave the US. The menaceleaving the United States. Drug trafficking across borders can be eradicated if the mentioned stakeholders demonstrate tenacity and commitment. Comment by Author: Avoid wordy and unnecessary phrases. Comment by Author: Please, mind word choice. This word is ambiguous and may be confusing for the reader. Comment by Author: Vague and redundant word. Comment by Author: Avoid wordy phrases. Comment by Author: Revise phrasal verbs and use strong, one-word verbs. Comment by Author: Please, reread sentences and revise such wordy and awkward structures. Comment by Author: Please, mind informal tones in academic writing.


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