The Issue Of Human Sex Trafficking

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The world as we know it is drowning in hardships and failures. Everywhere one turns, an image of the impending danger of global warming, mass economic failure, riots, genocides, AIDS, cancer, financial disaster, and poverty haunts their view. The race against these issues, that plague our future, has us working day and night to find solutions, with the knowledge of people from every profession, before we are completely submerged in a sea of destruction. Another issue must be addressed among these severe adversities: the global sex trade. sex trafficking is human trafficking for the purpose of the sexual exploitation , including sexual expoliiton . Sex traffickers get their victims by using violence , threats , lies , false promises and More . Even though there may not always be hype on this topic .It's still a very serious situation that is happening daily.

The top sex trafficking states are california , Texas , Florda , Now York , and ohio , Califomnia being the highest with 1,226 cases. The higher gender is female at 5,469 cases . . . Males at 442 cases , the majority of cases are from adults with 3,514 cases and 1, 920 cases for minors . sex trafficking has been around since 2007 and the average number of cases continue to raise rapidly. Humans are not for sale , nor are they slaves . sex trafficking is a federal crime and can lead to a felony . Not only can it lead to jail time , it can also lead to prostitution. The victims of sex trafficing varies from all ages.In 2012 the (UNODC) United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime reports the percentage of child victims had risen in a 3 year span from 20 per cent to 27 per cent. Of every three child victims, two are girls and one is a boy.

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There are three voles when it comes to sex trafficking , you have your buyer , trafficker / pimp , and the victim . The buyer fuels the market with their money . The trafficker/ pimp exploits victims to earn revenue from buyers . Finally the victim includes both girls and boys who are bought and sold for profit . Now you may ask what the reason for trafficking is and the answer may be for commercel sex , in realty there is no real or acceptable reason for this .

We need to spread more awareness for this issue . We need to pay attention to the signs and call the National Human Trafficking hotline immediately . Now you may be wondering what are some signs , well if you notice that a person dresses inappropriately for a time or an event or looks paranoid or fearful that is a sign . Also if a person avoids contact , or the person they are with always has to speak for them because they are not allowed to speak for themselves that is a sign . We also have to keep in mind these things to avoid getting Lured in . Avoid traveling alone , at night or on desened side streets . Stay away from dark allies . If you feel like you are being followed And a safe/ crowded place . Avoid trucks/vans . Also avoid truck stops . Watch Out for zip ties on cars . If you see any suspicious on your car DO NOT stop and take it off at that time , wall till you get to a safe place . keep a lookout for social media posts that can help prevent the issue .

In conclusion, human sex trafficing is a issue that isn’t commonly talked about, this issue grows bigger every year and everyone arounds does nothing to acknoledge it. Human sex trafficing has long lasting effects on people. It is an illegal immortal form of exploration on 2.5 million people per year. A grand total of 15.5 billion are made in profit annually from this, each year this amount grows. We must bring more awareness to this as someday it can happen to you or a loved one. Always stay alert on the red flags you may see, ask for help, inform someone. Do whatever you can to help these victims.

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