The Issue Of Inequality In Educational System

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UNESCO/ Sweden’s Historical Background and Past Action

For Sweden, education is particularly important. So much so that taxation is intentionally very high to fund schooling. Through the teaching system, pupils and their happiness are the main focus, with Swedish schools focusing less on exam results and targets, and more on the child themselves. More specifically, Sweden understands the impacts of stereotyping in school and how this can be the root to inequality- and therefore aim from a very young age, preschool in fact, to teach children in a gender-neutral manner. Ranked the fourth equalist country in the globe when looking at gender, since 1998, with the presentation of many new amendments, Sweden has been making changes for the better in the hopes to eradicate gender inequality. Moreover, the government of Sweden has set several sub-targets on gender equitable education- The National Education Act states that ‘every child has the right to an equal education,’ and the country’s application of Agenda 2030 showed it had good statistics on education. Sweden is working collaboratively with several national organizations and authorities that are engaged in observing progress concerning a Sustainable Development Goal on education. These include the Ministry of Education, and the National Agency for Education. Sweden has become a country that is increasingly welcoming children from disadvantaged backgrounds, and thus the transparency of the educational system is vital to Sweden.

Country Position

If little information is provided to the attendees of a school, this leaves scope for socially privileged families to benefit from their typical information advantage. Since the Swedish educational system is well known for the free tuition at all educational levels (which has also seen an increase in graduates, with only 6.4% of females and 8.2% of males being early leavers of education in 2016) There must be structures in place to prevent the exploitation of the system. Drastic reforms undertaken in the 1990s have become relevant again, all with the effort to decrease inequality. In light of increasing inequality worldwide, Sweden are keen to ensure this does not affect a student’s learning experience.

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Proposed Solution

Sweden propose working towards not only preventing perversion of the system by more privileged families by making all information about schools available to everyone, but also producing the broken-down figures of inequality indicators- such as country of birth, gender, socioeconomic experience, and race. The quality of data highlighting these issues must be up to standard, and at a thorough level so that education is impartial for all students.

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