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The Issue Of Sexism In Sports

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To say that sports are only for men is absolutely and definitely wrong, Sports is for everyone despite your culture, race, height, age, weight and etc. From being a beginner to an athlete, each one of us has the right to physical activity. Sports is not all about physical activities, it also involves casual participation that aims to use and improve the ability and skills while giving entertainment to participants. Moreover, The International Olympic Committee also recognizes chess and bridge as a sport.

Discrimination in sports is really evident nowadays, where people are judging or being a sexist towards the athletes, without knowing the real reason behind it. Public looks at the attitudes and appearances of men and women. Just like what happened to Brittney Griner, who is a basketball player currently playing in Women’s National Association or WNBA under Phoenix mercury. In other people’s eyes, Griner’s performance is really extraordinary that some fans assume that she is possessed of male parts because of her extraordinary performance in the WNBA she is the only player who scored 2,000 points and 500 block shots. Meanwhile, in tennis, Serena Williams, a French open player was discriminate for wearing black catsuit as her attire in one of her games. The black cat suit was specifically designed for her to help maintain good circulation since she is suffering from blood clots. But, through this, she felt empowered and felt like a warrior princess in a hit movie ‘Black Panther’. She also mentioned that it’s her way of celebrating the strength of a woman rather than femininity. However, the French Open organizers aren’t pleased about her wardrobe because for them, it went too far and she must respect the game and the place

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In addition, the U.S. women’s soccer team is experiencing a pay gap having them earn less than the men’s team. Moreover, male athletes get $179 Million more in athletic scholarships each year than females do. Additionally, collegiate institution only spends 24% for the athletic operating budgets, 16% recruiting budget and 33% for the scholarship, said by Women Sports Foundation. Also, Alize Cornet, who is also a French player was given a code violation warning in U.S. Open because she took off her shirt after realizing that it was backward. Though the United States Tennis Association apologized on that issue for they saw it as a misunderstanding.

But, these incidents are some of the problems that many female athletes face, which is sexist in the treatment that they continue to compare women to their male counterparts. The sexuality of women shouldn’t be based on the sports they are taking, we should start valuing them for being a great athlete instead of labelling them as lesbians and other words that are seen as anomalies and exceptional from a normal woman. Just like how people see Brittney Griner. Statistic shows that, women’s sports aren’t that appreciated compared to men’s sport all over the world because based on studies, women only receive 4% of the news coverage despite having 40% of athletes are women they still don’t get the same treatment as men.

To sum it all up, no human being should be deprived of engaging in sports in our modern society, whether based on racial, age, or gender characteristics of a person. Because at the end of the day, both men and women are sacrificing and working hard every day just to be the best version of themselves as an athlete.

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