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The Journey of the Jews: The Diary of Anne Frank

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Jewish people are extremely faithful to their religion Judaism. Jews are monotheistic, and they try to show obedience to God at all times. The traditions that they celebrate are important to them because they like to promote kind acts within their community. The Jews became Hitler’s target for maltreatment during the Holocaust. Hitler was an antisemite that believed that Europeans with blonde hair and blue eyes were superior against other people. Millions of Jews were brutally killed during the Holocaust by the Nazis. The Jews tried to fight back against the Nazis, but most of them were not successful. Although the Holocaust was seventy years ago, survivors still reminisce about the pain it caused and the lives that were taken. During the time period of the Holocaust, the Jews may have felt like social outcasts since they were disliked because of their physical features and their religion. When the Holocaust ended, the Jews were able to have freedom to live their lives normally and practice their religion.

The Jewish population has a very interesting history and this population of people has been through many trials and tribulations throughout the course of history. Innocent Jewish people were slaughtered during the Holocaust and discriminated against by Nazis force led by Adolf Hitler. Although they were treated unfairly during the Holocaust, Jewish people have shown resilience by continuing to practice their faith. These trials and tribulations have affected the psycho-social-spiritual-economic perspective of many Jewish people.

Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust is a central theme in the history of Jewish people. This event left many psychological scars on people who survived the event and also people who are connected and related to the survivors. Many Jewish people are still psychologically affected from this event in their history and this psychological effect is even worse if these people do not have adequate social and financial support. As tough as these psychological effects are, these effects can be mediated if Jewish people have moral support and other people to discuss their feelings with.

Since Adolf Hitler had a distressing childhood, he may have used the pain he went through to inflict pain upon others. When Hitler was a young boy, he got into heated arguments with his emotionally abusive father. Hitler was interested in painting, but no one in his family supported his interest in painting. After Hitler’s younger brother died, he started to distance himself from his family and friends. During the Holocaust, he became the oppressor of Jewish people because he learned to discriminate against people as a result of the pain and trauma he endured as a child (Biography, 2018).

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Financial support and security is also beneficial to the holocaust-affected people. The holocaust left a financial dent in certain cities where many Jewish people reside. One reason for this is that the events of the Holocaust decreased the number of educated and highly-skilled people. This brought about a long-term economic impact on Jewish people and this economic impact has an effect on the psychological well-being of Jewish people because living in poverty reduces access to top-quality healthcare and also negatively affects outlook on life. The holocaust also affected the Jews's spiritual well-being since they may have started challenging their faith in God. They may question why God would allow this type of horrific event to have taken place in their lives and also they may wonder if God may have something against them. These questions and doubts will have an effect on their spiritual well-being and change their perception of religion and religious faith.

Before the Holocaust however, the Jewish people were strong believers in God and lived by the scriptures in torah. Their religion is Judaism which means that they believe in one God. Jews believe that God wants them to be obedient to him and show respect to other people. Some of the traditions that they celebrate are Yom kippur, Rosh Hashanah, Chanuka, and Passover. Yom Kippur is the day of atonement. Rosh Hashanah is the New Year. Chanuka is the celebration of the miracle of light. Passover honors the mass departure of Jews who were dominated by the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses. The Jewish community likes to help poor people, orphans, and widows (Dunn, 2018).

Jewish people dress modestly because they do not like to draw attention to themselves. Men cover their heads with kippots, black hats, and streimels. The men wear black suits to church. The women wear skirts, dresses, and eschew pants to church. Married women wear scarves in their hair, hats, and wigs. When a Jewish woman gets married, she is expected to not wear bright colors because it may draw attention from other men (Dunn, 2018). Concentration camps are places where people were held captive by the Nazis. The concentration camps had homosexuals, gypsies, slaves, and Jewish people living there. Many people died from diseases because the concentration camps were not clean. They starved the prisoners by giving them small portions of food to eat. The Nazis forced the prisoners to do hard labor and some of the prisoners died from being overworked. Aushwitz-Birkenau was a concentration camp and an extermination camp that Jews were sent to. The extermination camp killed people by sending them through gas chambers and cremating them (The Weiner Library, 2018).

Anne Frank was fifteen years old during the time of the Jewish Holocaust and is known as a phenomenon for her resilience in the threat of the immense danger of the Holocaust. The resilience and bravery of Anne Frank is admired by many people, including Jewish people. Some Jewish people look to Anne Frank as a source of motivation and this can have a positive effect on the psychological well-being of the Jewish people who are affected by the Holocaust. The reason this has a positive effect on the psychological well-being on Jewish people is that they can look back to Anne Frank’s resilience and bravery and this can invoke feelings of optimism and courage. She wrote in her journal during the two years that her family was hiding from the Nazis. Anne Frank wrote about her relationships, her hiding experience, and her emotional and physical development. After she died from typhus in a concentration camp her father, Otto Frank, got her diary published. The diary was named The Diary of Anne Frank (The Weiner Library, 2018).

In conclusion, the Jews have remained resilient because they did not allow Hitler and the Nazis to dehumanize them. Religious persecution did not stop them from practicing their religion and promoting kind acts to other people in the community. The Jews refused to let the aftermath of the Holocaust cause them to become bitter. The Jews have put the trauma from the Holocaust behind them, and they are enjoying their freedom.


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