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The Key Differences In Abc And Nine Approach To News And Storytelling In Australia

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Both the ABC and nine news networks are now an integral part of the radio, television and online production industries in Australia, in recent times both have played an important role in digital broadcasting and the introduction of new media services. The ABC being a national broadcaster has largely conformed to its service charter which requires its news to reflect on Australian national identity and diversity by requiring it to provide innovative and comprehensive broadcasting services of a high standard across Australia. It is also required to transmit news, current affairs and entertainment programs outside Australia.

Nine news is a commercial free to air television network in Australia owned by Nine entertainment Co. Nine news has a biased approach towards its news with a specific demographic that it seeks to target. The demographic mostly comprised of people over the age of sixty five who most likely depend on TV as their main news source and perhaps audiences with right leaning views of the Australian society, whereas the ABC has traditionally been center in its views and approach.

Key differences could be categorized in terms of political and cultural ideology of these two respective media outlets. For instance nine news can be said in its approach to covering news affecting diverse people, lacks sensitivity to a multicultural and diverse audience that is the core of Australian society. A slight liberal approach in its editorial suggests its viewers are broad whereas the ABC has better researched stories that reflect the general public.

Careful research supports the idea that the ABC is truthful and accurate in its editorial. In its international news the ABC uses emotional headlines while taking a what seems to be critical approach towards the centre right government. Furthermore the ABC sources its information from reliable and credible sources such as the Reuters and associated press. Because it’s a national broadcaster and funded by the government, the ABC strives to discuss topics that affect all aspect of Australian society keeping in mind the ethnic and linguistically diverse population of Australia. At its core, it recognizes the importance of acknowledging diversity and how its news affects different groups of people. One would suggest that ABC has taken on the responsibility to give a platform to views that enhance a modern, progressive country and to push back on stories that are culturally insensitive and unaware. In this regard it could be said the ABC tries to represent the national and cultural identity of most Australians.

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In many instances nine news could be argued is in a clash with a dynamic and rapidly changing modern multicultural Australia, its audience demographics and might perceive this as a threat in their approach to storytelling. Together with News Corp's dominance in the overwhelming majority of Australian Print, broadcast, radio and digital news they have been able to control the narrative and the political landscape of Australian politics. The huge influence of its topics regarding the effects of multicultural Australia and the cultural war between the left and right of Australian society cannot be ignored. A closer inspection of its news reflects the manner in which it desires to steer Australian cultural narrative. More recently in their coverage of Bob Hawke’s death the ABC sought to highlight the group ideals of Australia as a nation capturing celebratory remarks of a life well lived with overlays and reporting to support and illustrate the communal spirit of love and togetherness within the community, in complete contrast nine news from the initial headline such as “the hatchet was truly buried.” “Friends, family and political foes.” Somber overlays, the speech from the current Prime Minister Scott Morrison being labeled as “Gracious words from a liberal prime minister” creating a sense of tension and conflict. The basis of their reporting one would say is to precisely emotionally target its audience who feel disenfranchised by a modern progressive Australia.

Nine news seems to give priority to its order of stories more so in its evening news bulletins focusing on news covering crime and violence. Because stories of fear and uncertainty gets the attention of disenfranchised members in its audience. Much like fox news, its stories largely seek to portray a weak and incapable government that cannot protect its citizens. And in turn its audience feels such media outlets connect with the issues they're facing. Every effect used seeks to focus the viewer's mind to a certain narrative in line with its editorial. One example is the' African gangs' hysteria and the talking points behind it which are all curated for a certain audience knowing very well that it works and connects with its demographics.

Its main focus on crime can be seen as purposefully putting forward a conservative voice to social issues and arguably using it as one of its models of operating.

ABC is as a national broadcaster and as such has to remain true to its charter, placing importance on traditional practices of journalism; which many people might find uninteresting, considering the demographic and the number of people who actively tune in to watch live news bulletins, on the contrary nine news has no such charter therefore their content heavily relies on their targeted audience and advertisers to generate a revenue.

The bottom line is the cultural shift and the increasing multicultural demographics of Australian society will continue to create new and emerging media, which will see the social and political landscape of Australia reflected accordingly. The question is not whether this will be a right vs. left ideology but one that will accurately tell our stories and struggles through an impartial lens.


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