The Life and Influence of The Roman Leader Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar was a politician, an army general, an administrator and a governor of the late Roman Republic. He later became known as the most sophisticated and powerful dictator in the history of Rome when he was appointed for ten years in the 47th B.C. and for life on February 14 in the 44th B.C. His full name was Gaius Julius Caesar and was born in Rome, Italy on July 12th in the 100th B.C. His parents were Gaius Caesar and Aurelia. He was also known as a descendant of the Trojan Prince Aeneas who was supposedly destined to found Rome. However, his family was not very wealthy. As a result, he wanted to marry into a more notable family to try and quench his thirst for power.

Julius Caesar was a unique and bright-minded person. Even at his young age, he realized that the crucial element to a successful Roman republic was money due to the corruption of the society. Hence, one of the main reasons that he rose to power was because of his massive bribery. In other words, he purchased his political power in Rome and as a result, many senators disliked him. Even though, Julius Caesar bribed his way into the political system, he was generally known to be very talented. He was well-educated, very clever and an excellent public speaker. Many people also claimed him as a “military genius”. Being a “military genius” or a great general in the military was responsible for increasing his popularity, support and power within the common people of the Roman Republic. Thus, Julius Caesar absolutely made sure that he rose to power over all others using bribery, military strength and so on.

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During his lifetime, he was able to accomplish many things and therefore, he is known today as one of the most powerful men in the history of the world. His first accomplishment was having victories in almost every war that he fought in and led. Through these victories, he was able to expand many of the geological borders of the Roman Republic. Two of his many wars are the Capture of Gaul and The Battle of Alesia. His second and most important accomplishment was being able to successfully transform a Roman Republic to become a Roman Empire. Even though, the Empire was set up when the civil wars ended (14 years after his assassination), he was responsible for making a way for the Roman Republic to become a Roman Empire. The first emperor of Rome however, was not Julius Caesar himself in the end, it was Augustus, his great-nephew who was eventually crowned as Rome’s first emperor. Therefore, Julius Caesar’s accomplishments and achievements did not go to waste at all. In fact, his life seems to be so full of determination and also acts as a role model influencing many different people living in the world today.

Julius Caesar was overall a good influence to especially the future world’s leaders, however, many of his subjects back then did not have a good impression on him. The reasons for this were because of his unquenchable thirst for power, his well thoughtout decisions, his frequent usage of bribery and so on. As a result, on March 15th in the 44th B.C., he died of an assassination (stabbed) by a group of about 60 noblemen including his own senators in Rome who could not stand his desire for power. This murder attempt was arranged by Marcus Junius Brutus (d 42 BC) and Gaius Cassius Longinus (d 42 BC). Julius Caesar’s final words were ''kai su, teknon?' which means 'You too, my child?' in shock as his close friend, Brutus also stabbed him. This proves that his subjects may have been loyal to him however, they did not have a good impression on him overall. This is what led to the death of the most powerful man in Rome back then.

Julius Caesar seems to have been a better Administrator during his lifetime rather than an Army General. This is because today in this world, people know him as the most powerful dictator and leader of the late Roman Republic. Although, he was a “military genius” and a great general, his talents and skills lied within leading, guiding and helping Rome to become a very powerful republic. During his lifetime, he established order in the Roman Republic, made sure that Rome was not overpopulated, allowed the people living in his former province to receive full voting rights, revised various tax laws, provided homes for the Romans without one and altered the calendar which is also used today. Some other examples of his excellence in administration were that he granted citizenship to different people and also included different aristocrats from provinces in his Senate. As an administrator, Julius Caesar was also known for the clever decisions that he made through careful planning. He was always well aware of the consequences and the benefits of the choices that he would make. Therefore, Julius Caesar was a better Administrator rather than an Army General.

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